Google Doodle Champion Island Ending + Final Trophy + Sleeping Champion Trophies Unlocked -

Google Doodle Champion Island Ending + Final Trophy + Sleeping Champion Trophies Unlocked

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Here is how to unlock the sleeping champion and final last trophy guide of the google game.

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

Thanks for watching !

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  1. She told me that i lost when i found her by the trees, I checked all the spots shown but i still cant find her

  2. after completing the trophies, when you go to 'Cat Nap Enabler', the Crane says some dialogue in another language, can anybody translate?

  3. you know, how to find one more piece of the wood? I'm stuck there,but already complete all the sports trophy hahahaha

  4. What?! I thought it was the Table Tennis champion that is sleeping!!! Agh…

  5. What should i do after getting all the scrolls? Please help 🥺

  6. On the dancing games zone, under the bridge has a castle where an princess lives. Do you accessed this castle?

  7. This trophee is the only one that I did not get.

  8. Thanks for the help. I discovered this game and eventually become addicted to it. Good thing I remembered its name so whenever I get bored, I just play it

  9. how to get all the trophy .. i have won all sports plz tell

  10. it's so crazy that google literally disguised the game of the year as a google doodle

  11. I'm looking for a dark ending but it seem quite impossible for a Google's game 🙁

  12. Let's be real.

    We were spooked when we found the note saying Don't trust the bird.

  13. that is the Halloween academy cat and the pangolin love omg its finally here

  14. After you do everything he will be in here and momo’s pixel verision is so cool and why did google put him back? Why but i completed rugby and skateboarding.

  15. Aparecieron 2 trofeos nuevos, ¿puedes hacer un video explicando como sacarlos?

  16. You got 22 trophies… I've got 24?! In my game there are trophies in the bottom left and right corners – "Crabby Realtor" an "Little Motivator" respectively – which are open spaces in this video. Did Google bring out a newer version of the game?

  17. wait i can use the compass to get to places quicker?

  18. For new viewers, before the game got an UPDATE, bottom left and right trophies are not added to the game yet.
    Hope that explains something.

    Search on google : Champion Island Sept 5

    that's the latest game version, no update required.

  19. im the first who completed this ending btw but good luck yall!

  20. this game is one of my favorites, and its so short

  21. I remember that i Saw a vídeo where Momo appeared but the background was red, does anyone know how to get there? (Or anyone has the link of the vídeo? Plz help i need it)

    (I think that in the vídeo Lucky said "What ate You doinG here Momo?" And Momo awnsered "actually, i've been Loking for You" or something like that)

  22. Its showing me something else. I ask what's this one for

  23. just finished this game. the ending is kinda sad thoooo

  24. Haha I alway get stuck in the invisible wall on Oni island when you cross the bridge or any other bridges

  25. wait do you have to complete the secret challenge sports

  26. i got all the trophies but the game didnt finish and i know why cause theres hidden unfinished games


  27. Hay thật sự, cảm ơn Đức Phúc mang cho mình dòng cảm xúc này!

  28. This was so helpful but i cant get the last artistic swimming lmao

    Update: finally got it

  29. Took me about 3 hours to finish n get every trophy. This game was so cute 🥺

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