Google Doodle Champion Island Easter Eggs | Character From Previous Games -

Google Doodle Champion Island Easter Eggs | Character From Previous Games

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You can find the previous google doodle games below ^^

google Halloween 2016 :

google Halloween 2020 :

Pangolin Love :

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Sleepy Fish – Lunar Cycles

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  1. This Google Doodle makes me want to participate the Olympics XD

  2. My most favorite Google Doodle was the Halloween 2018, Great Ghoul Duel!Full Names of the characters:The cat: MomoThe pangolin: UnknownThe green ghouls: Jade, Sage, Kelly, and OliveThe purple ghouls: Plum, Periwinkle, Iris, and Mulberry

  3. the frog near the bridge in the ping pong village…how do i explain this…

  4. I knew I would see momo lol. When I saw that pangolin, I knew. Also remember that arcade in tanooki city? Full of google doodles

  5. How do u find each of these tho? i want to find them

  6. This makes me think that Champion Island takes place in an island near the phillipines or in between the phillipines and japan.


    The last level of Pangolin Love takes place in a filipino beach. The red pangolin appears at a beach in CI. The beaches aren't the same, but maybe it could mean something? Like if red pango ended up in the wrong island instead of the phillipines? Idk. Share your thoughts in the comments.

  7. 0:42 wait did that pumpkin looks like………………………………………………

  8. Theres also the weather frog on the abandoned village/bamboo forest and the bridge on the area where the artistic swimming is in

  9. What is the name of the game shown in last

  10. Anyone notice that the pagolin was dating an otter, but in a previous game of Google Doodle, he was dating another pagolin instead?

  11. How did you het the easter egg in chapion island

  12. Leticya Bellvanya Simanjuntak 1719044 says:

    I'm so happy to see that Momo is so cute
    [o u o]

  13. Finally, the Google Doodle Cinematic Universe is connected.

  14. I like this (mono and lucky look like friends)

  15. He waiting for someyone special but i think he Talk about the girl who ask as to find her book

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