Google Doodle Champion Island Dark Dimension Glitch -

Google Doodle Champion Island Dark Dimension Glitch

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I will show you path that will bring us to the dark dimension in the Doodle Champion Island and let’s see what we will find out.

#GoogleDoodle #DoodleChampionIsland

Credits To:
Google Doodle Champion Island Orchestra Cover (by Zonie)

Doctor Strange 16bit Animation (by Dulcahn)

Doctor Strange Theme Song Cover (by L’Orchestra Cinématique)

Doctor Strange Thumbnail (by Marvel Comics) inverted

Doctor Strange Interaction Illustration (by bigbadtoystore) converted to pixelated style


  1. please show the talk between Dr. strange and lucky. It would be interesting and I am filled with curiosity. please show it.

  2. 𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕪𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕒 says:

    nice try u cant trick me

  3. I discovered it first bruh, then a person copied it then again it got copied then kids like you copied it and that darks dimension is just a area which is not designed by the developers because the players aren't meant to go there.That doctor strange is just edited, it is easy to edit something on a black background

  4. Is the man at the end real though?

  5. my heart was beating fast but no dr stange that would have made me proud

  6. I think its fake enough but the dark demension is true


  8. I found it but a blue oni chases me at the opening

  9. i cant see the dark dimension it is going

  10. Google doodle removed it but I still did the glitch and accessed the secret rugby game.

    PS: R.I.P tiny Oni :/

  11. the cat that play golf with ping pong ball says:

    then me and doc go out for a drink , was so drunk that he thought i was playing ping pong with golf ball lmao

  12. Is that Dr. Strange in the end

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