Google Doodle Champion Island - Artistic Swimming (Dance Remix) -

Google Doodle Champion Island – Artistic Swimming (Dance Remix)

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Words can’t describe how much love and charm was put into this tiny little game that came out of nowhere!

One of my coworkers was playing it in the office and I knew I had to remix this song as soon as I heard it lol

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I loved working on it!

Big shoutout to my gf for helping me with the mix ♥

The amazing thumbnail art was made by RemyArt, please follow them:

Game and animations made by Google, ripped by Yusa Cast (YouTube)
Original song composed by Qumu Music:


My 50k sub special medley which also doubles as a Q&A video is still in the works, so stay tuned for that one!

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  1. Really gives the underwater vibes in the beginning

  2. if youtube had animated emotes i'd put a catJAM here just sayin

    jammin fr

  3. Next year's olympic google doodle better have you making their opening, its so good to hear your remixes

  4. I've been crossing my fingers for literally 27 years for MyNewSoundtrack to do Google theme song remix finally thank you so much I love you for ever

  5. finally, another dance remix, its been too long

  6. NO WAY. I was literally playing this game a couple days ago, and the rhythm game was my favorite, i don't even know what to say this is AMAZING.

  7. Considering this is on a platform now owned by Google, do you think this is kinda sort of a tribute to Google as well? If they find out about this remix, I'm sure they'll love it as much as we all do.

  8. Fun fact: Artistic Swimming currently only has one other remix (besides this one) on Youtube

    Which sucks because both the song and this remix fucking SLAP

  9. No fucking way ! A remix of this game !

    This goes to show that this little game is more than a gimmick : being a flash game, it's insanely good for what it could have been had the devs out Google not cared much.

    Thank you very much for this piece, mate !

  10. I really enjoyed the artistic swimming minigame bcs of this theme, and this remix is simply amazing. Nice job MNS!

  11. I can't believe google will go this far to make a doodle
    I love it

  12. Wow. This is so badass for a fucking Google game. I love it!

  13. This remix is awesome! but i can't wait for the limitless armored armadillo!

  14. Второй киборг Человек-Сидр says:


  15. This seems more like an anime series rather than a Google doodle game at this point…
    Why didn't the anime studio decide to make this a mini series? It's too good for a Google Doodle.

  16. Another banger from MNS; great job! Can't wait for the 50K remix

  17. Once again the guitar parts kill me. In a good way!
    Good stuff as expected of musical turtle man.

  18. Buenardo el tema, la verdad el minijuego de Google está buenisimo.

  19. So did you think of doing wheel gator music for TM’s new mega man x2 episode? That he’s making?

  20. When I first heard the clip you posted on Discord I thought this was from Rhythm Heaven. Good stuff, may need to actually check the game out now.

  21. Do i hear Megaman X4's Cymbals?
    From where are the drums you've used?

  22. This rocks!
    Everything! The rhythm, synths, and thad guitar… Damn
    You are really good MNS 💪

  23. whoa what lol I only played ping pong and mountain climbing

  24. I’m so glad other people are realizing how much the music from this Google Doodle fucking slaps, lol

  25. As soon as i heard this in the game, I thought "this song is too good for just this game. Someone HAS to remix it"!

  26. Do you know how hard this channel is to find?? 😭

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