Google Doodle Champion Island | All Trophy Solutions | Detailed Timestamps Full Guide -

Google Doodle Champion Island | All Trophy Solutions | Detailed Timestamps Full Guide

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Tokyo Olympics 2020, Google Doodle Champion Island Game is here,
In this, walkthrough I have completed all missions with trophies and have won all hidden games.
Very Detailed Timestamps have been added to let you know if you are stuck somewhere. Save Time and Enjoy!
Just Press Ctrl+F to find clues for mission location.
All clues are available in detailed timestamps!
Hope you enjoy it!
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0:00 Intro/Tutorial
1:52 Rugby Area Game
3:05 Rugby Area Quests
4:53 Table Tennis Game
6:34 Table Tennis Flame Game
9:03 Table Tennis Area Quest
12:15 Marathon Area Game
13:35 Marathon Area Running Quest
14:19 Marathon Area Girl Searching Locations
16:40 Trophy Room
17:29 Climbing/Mountain Area Quest
18:48 Peach Quest
20:55 Super Mountain Girl Quest
23:03 Archer Area Quest
24:36 5 Arrow Finding Quest
26:42 Lucky Arrow Location
28:21 Swimming Area Dancing Game
30:31 Swimming Area Sunken Red Bridge Location
31:13 Ghost Quest Son Location
33:12 Skateboarding Area Quest
35:08 All 7 Games End Scene
37:57 Book Finding Quest
38:02 Train Ticket Quest Raining In Table Tennis
40:56 Hidden Tennis Hard Game
44:45 Locksmith Location Archer Quest
45:10 Hot Lava Location Archer Quest
45:25 Flaming Hot Arrow Location
46:16 Hot Spring Location Opening
46:34 Fresh Water For Cement Skateboard Area Quest
46:50 Hidden Mountain Area Quest(Hard)
48:40 Cement Quest Complete(Unlock Area)
49:28 Bakery Location Rugby Oni Quest
52:14 Missing Puplil All Requirements
52:36 Hidden Sister 1 Location(Sunken Bridge)
53:06 Marathon shoe Location(Missing Pupil)
53:11 Marathon Area Hidden Location Open(Food From Bakery)
53:26 Last Wood Stick Location
53:34 Hidden Marathon Quest(Hardest)
57:10 Missing Pupil Water Location
58:28 Hidden Sister 2 Location(Sunken Bridge)
59:14 Hidden Sister 3 Location(Sunken Bridge)
1:00:08 Standing Bridge Location Unlock
1:00:26 Hidden Location Dancing Quest
1:02:43 Chosen One Location
1:03:23 Final Trophy Quest
1:04:22 Trophy Master First Search Clue
1:04:35 Trophy Master Final Location
1:05:51 All Quest/Trophy Complete
1:06:29 Team Red Joining
1:06:47 Team Red Headquater Location
1:08:26 Final Turtle/Ending
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  1. i played the whole thing with you ive been trying for 2 years to complete this gam

  2. Thank you ! I was stuck with a few quests to complete. Now I have done the last one (with the trophy master) but is the game really over ? I don't have the possibility to start again and join a team when I speak with the 4 start characters.

  3. awesome bro i just beat the game thanks to u i would have never tried to talk to the other chosen one twice

  4. Can anyone recommend any similar games I can get for free? I really liked it.

  5. what quest is for the sixth throphy? from left to right, first row, help!

  6. I've collected all the trophies and won at all sports, but the game doesn't let me join the red team 🙁 How do I do it?

  7. I think you forgot to put the stick quest

  8. thanks it helped me
    i tried 14 times for hard maraton

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