Google Doodle Champion Island All Trophies! w/ Time Stamps! 100% Complete! -

Google Doodle Champion Island All Trophies! w/ Time Stamps! 100% Complete!

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Full play through with hidden ending and all trophies!
Thanks again to Ashton Lee for giving me the idea for this video and Thank all of you for watching!
Time Stamps:
Video Intro 00:00
Rugby 4:40
Find Momotaro quest accepted 5:58
I want to cook bread! Accepted: 7:14
Franklin the Turtle Wants us to find the TROPHY MASTER: 9:26
Trophy Brough to Trophy House for Franklin: 10:12
Melt The Snow To The Hotsprings accepted: 12:18
Find Momotaro Completed!: 12:54
Climbing Game!: 14:18
Find Super Mountain Girl!: 16:02
Archery Contest!: 19:23
Pick Up The Lost Arrows Accepted: 22:14
Lucky Arrow Accepted: 23:12
Lost Arrows Completed!: 25:15
Finding the Locks Accepted!! 26:23
Lucky Arrow Completed!: 27:27
Melt the Snow Part 2!: 28:20
Acquire Locks!: 30:05
Super Fire Arrow Lava: 31:02
Locked out! Complete!: 32:09
Super Fire Arrow Acquired!: 32:41
Snow Melted to Hot Springs Complete: 33:32
Climbing Game (Hard Mode): 34:15
Synchronized Dancing!: 36:53
Find My Son!: 38:40
Find the Three Turtle Sisters Accepted!: 39:49
Old Lady’s Message to Son: 41:07
Old Lady’s Son: 41:21
Find my Son Complete!: 42:33
Marathon Running: 43:33
Find my Tennis Paddle Accepted: 45:27
Race my Daughter Accepted: 45:40
Find Daughter #1: 46:08
Tennis Paddle: 46:14
Find my Tennis Paddle Complete!: 46:34
Turtle Sister #1: 47:35
Turtle Sister #2: 51:35
Super Mountain Girl: 53:03
Skate Boarding!: 55:42
Construction Work Accepted!: 58:14
Find my Book Accepted!: 1:00:55
Find my Book Completed!: 1:01:38
Train Track Password accepted!: 1:01:46
Train Track Password Completed!: 1:02:53
Spring Water Acquired!: 1:04:00
Construction Work Completed!: 1:04:42
Bakery Found!: 1:07:07
Find Daichi! Accepted: 1:07:56
Found Daichi!: 1:08:39
Daichi’s Running Shoes!: 1:10:04
Find Daughter #2: 1:10:13
Find Daughter Complete: 1:10:31
Found Daichi’s Water BottleSS: 1:12:19
Find Daichi Complete!: 1:12:56
I want to make Bread Complete!: 1:15:54
Tengu Table Tennis: 1:17:30
Ending Cutscene!: 1:18:56
Light the Torches accepted!: 1:19:55
Light the Torches Complete!: 1:20:31
Steal the Tengus Fan Accepted!: 1:21:01
Stop The Rain Accepted!: 1:21:38
Stop the Rain Train Ticket Accepted: 1:22:22
Try to steal the Fan: 1:23:10
Find Invisible Cloak Octopus!: 1:24:54
Tengu Fan/Stop the Wind Completed!: 1:25:33
Noodle Octopus for Train ticket!: 1:28:04
Train Ticket Acquired!: 1:28:45
Stop the Rain Completed!: 1:30:19
Find Wood for Carpenter Accepted!: 1:31:37
Stop the Race Fighting Accepted!: 1:32:20
Lobster Tells us how to stop the fighting!: 1:32:49
Turtle Sister #3: 1:33:30
Bread Acquired To stop the fighting!: 1:36:01
Stop the Fighting Completed!: 1:37:08
Find Wood for the Carpenter Completed!: 1:38:10
Find the turtle sisters completed!: 1:39:33
Sleeping Champion!: 1:40:14
Mystery Trophy!?: 1:41:09
Hidden Quest Begins!: 1:43:00
Sleeping Champion!?: 1:43:55
The Final Secret!: 1:44:35
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  1. We're not able to end the game by going away with the boat after doing everything, right? or go into other teams bases? A book says that if you're strong enough you can see the other team leaders but the doors are locked all the time?

  2. Really out here doing gods work posting this video

  3. Hey , so about the boat at the ending: everyone agrees that it seems like you aren't able to leave the island even after completing the games, but i want to know if the same is true if you've won ALL the games. like getting first place in both marathon games, getting to the top of the mountain in the climbing event, etc. after winning all of the games, is it possible to leave?
    by my count there's 3 games for table tennis and swimming, 2 for the marathon, climbing, and skateboarding, and 1 for the rubgy and archery events, and i believe i've won all of them (unless to win skateboarding you've got to hit all the combos or something like that.) the trials of trying to leave the island have been driving me nuts, so i just wanted to gather information and come to a consensus.

  4. I am Red archery and marathon ,rugby are little tough but I completed all

  5. You can be the Beuty and i can be the monstwehhh says:

    wheres the super mountain girl?

  6. how can you go out with the boat? It still says that I need to complete more sports even though I have all trophies and I got the final message!

  7. Thank you! Finding woods was tough part, I took help from your video. I enjoyed playing this game and also enjoyed watching you play. The way you read dialogues is funny.

  8. Nice run 🙂 Now beat all hidden challenges 😉 I found climbing / tennis table (50 and 100) / swimming / skating / running but did not find any hidden challenge for rugby / archery. Not sure I am missing anything since there is the board game in the mountains (you cannot play since you need someone to play against, looks like to is not possible to play it) and I expected to fight against my leader but seems you can't even when completing every hidden challenges.

  9. i was confusee with 3 but u helped me so much thanksss

  10. Why were you not using the teleport switch?
    The cat ran so much in between! 🐥🐱

  11. a tip for anyone playing: if you click on the compass symbol where you'll find the map if u click on the icons of those places then you'll be teleported to that part of the island

  12. Is there any other eater egg ?
    + Is there a end sense for the game or just that's it ?

  13. Hey I'm having a problem at the running one, the game is lagging for some reason, only at that part, and I'm not able to play that one at all, any suggestions please?

  14. i want to see what's inside blue's HQ, I joined the red team accidentally bc i thought i can change my team after joining one :((

  15. I've done everything but I can't win the marathon running game

  16. thanks for making this! i got stuck on a couple quests searching for people so this was v helpful 🙂

  17. I was struggling with the train ticket quest, thanks so much for the help!

  18. One syncorised swimming song is the marathon one and it so easy for me

  19. Loved all the voices; best part. Keep it up!

  20. there are two allusions to google's previous doodles: the secret lover pangolin on the beach from the valentine's day and Momo from the magic cat academy! (there's also a book in the city library which says 'magic cat academy ;)'

  21. how to eat 50 bowls of noodles pls tell…

  22. I want to know when I can use that boat to leave game

  23. Can you please help me: I am not able to give the best friends who are fighting the snack…. where do I get the snack from and how do I give it to them?

    Also where do I find the third piece of driftwood?

    Thank you so much!

  24. hey one suggestion and one question
    question first
    which team are you?
    the red team headquarters is in Onis island
    The blue team gym is in Tanooki city
    The yellow team headquarters is in Bamboo Forest
    I'm not sure though 😀
    Correct me if im wrong please…

  25. I joined Team Green since the Kappa felt like cute dorks lmao. The hardest initial minigame for me was the Archery one lol. After I got the hang of it (multiple stressful tries), it got less annoying and I managed to win twice after beating it hehe. I started with the quests by accident in Tanooki City. I came here for the invisible squid and trophy master. Thank you! It was a great help. I'm surprised some people had some difficulty with the Sleeping Champion. I always interact with nearly all the NPCs so that might be why I found out about the other cat while I was doing "I want to cook bread." One of them mentions about the former champion always sleeping, so when I ran into another NPC in the Oni area, I accidentally completed that really quick. Also, this was a really fun game. It was surprisingly complex for a browser game!

  26. May I know where is the hard mode of archery?

  27. Thanks! You made this game so much easier and enjoyable! 🙂

  28. I'm so confused, how do you finish the game, more specifically how do you get the "don't trust the bird message to pop up? I already spoke to the sleeping cat and now all he says is zzz??

  29. Thank you I wasn't able to do "Sleeping Champion" XD

  30. I´ll admit it. The marathon race on the secret beach was insane. And I thought for sure it would be a trophy, but no, just spilled sweat and tears for nothing.

  31. Ayo thanks for doing this bro really helped out with the ghost guy 😂 I couldn’t find him for the life of me.

  32. had been play this game for a day, and is there a way Lucky could leave the island, or is this it?

  33. Great video! I did the whole game including all challenges and mini games and then came here to check if I got everything. Nice and reassuring.

    I'm amazed how many people didn't go into every building and talk to every person and came to this video with epic time stamping but asked their question in the comments instead of just going to the relevant time stamp where your game play answers every question 😂

    I'm old school – we had a NES, Mega Drive, SNES, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, N64, growing up (mostly second hand!) plus PC games, and no internet to ask for help 😅

    You had to try and guess secret passwords, cover every inch of the game, and discover Easter eggs by doing crazy things just in case 😂

  34. One more question
    Theres another quest which is written in some other language
    How did you do it?
    Or if you can let me know the time stamp of that clip if you don't mind…
    Sorry for bothering you so much

  35. guys wish me luck for rugby cause ive played 24 rounds to beat it and still havent

  36. ey bro i got all the rolls and i have a pink coulour leaves

  37. so what do the people who completed all the quests and won all the sports do now

  38. I just came here to find the docks to get the melting arrows

  39. Tysm! I'm thankful for dis video!!!

    Now.. all I have to do is pass the Climbing game (HARD MODE) :0
    Atleast I finished the rest of the game 😀

  40. Today I suddenly wanted to finish all the quests .. I Finally did it!……………it was so cool n fun completing each of them with the help your experiences (from your video)! Finding the invisible cloak was hardest part for me apart from climbing mountain pt.2 hard level…. I wonder how you nailed it within first attempt?

  41. Can you help me? how can i find tukuro? it is about climbing

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