Google doodle champion island all secret levels. (timestamps) -

Google doodle champion island all secret levels. (timestamps)

DK Bozz
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Google doodle champion island all secret levels! Hey guys, today I am going to show you all the 10 secret levels (apart from the scroll ones)! they are much harder than the real ones! you need to solve 1-2 trophies to play each level!
Timestamps –
0:00 – start of video
0:21 – Secret rock climbing
0:57 – Secret tennis table (2)
1:51 – secret rugby level
2:15 – secret marathon level
2:53 – secret archery level
3:49 – secret artistic swimming level (2)
5:06 – secret skating level (2)
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  1. hello boy or gird i the aswed what the habilited the secret leven the onli cute

  2. The tanooki in the tea pot playing hide and seek for skateboarding is there immediately. You don’t need to talk to him first

  3. climbing Itable tennis Itable tennis IIrugby Imarathon Iskateboarding Iswimming Iswimming IIarchery Ithese are the secret modes for the gamesthere is a total of 9 not 11i dont know where you got the the 2 extra modes from but I know one thingthe hide and seek mechanic is always activated

  4. there`re 2 secret gates in actistic swimming(ones of the turtles and ones in the under water castle)

  5. On the archery one for me, it just has a dead end dock.

  6. How do i get to that screen with the oni island??? I dont see it

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