Friday Night Funkin' - M.I.L.F but it's the Olympics Google Doodle (Champion Island) -

Friday Night Funkin’ – M.I.L.F but it’s the Olympics Google Doodle (Champion Island)

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This is a mod to any browser that allows you to play the “Artistic Swimming” game but with any FNF beatmap. Made by my brother, so I thought I would showcase it off!

1. Go to
2. Copy the code from here:
3. In the window with the Google Doodle, access Developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+J) and paste the code into the terminal. Then press enter.
4. Select an FNF beatmap file from your computer.
5. Select the beatmap’s MP3 file.
6. All done! Just go to artistic swimming in the google doodle, and it will play the exact beatmap and song.

If you get lost, the github link has all the info necessary:


  1. I quit play google doodle bc i got bored

  2. Would be awesome to see Champion Island as a FNF mod with the songs of the game

  3. how do u get a beatmap file for ur computer?

  4. But how do we make the swim come out like Friday Night Funkn to me it comes out normal.

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