[Former WR] Google Doodle Champion Island Any% Warpless Speedrun (9:56.767) - doodlechampion.com

[Former WR] Google Doodle Champion Island Any% Warpless Speedrun (9:56.767)

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Warpless Any% Speedrun of the Champion Island Google Doodle with a time of 9 minutes and 56.767 seconds. Former World Record.

Before this, I got a 9:52, but I messed up the recording, so I don’t have footage of it. This probably would’ve been a 9:4x if it wasn’t for all of the damn lag.

I’ve since improved this record here:


  1. This is a scroll speedrun, the real speedrun is beating all the quests and finding the secret cat which you completely beat the game. but good job anyways.

  2. yo solo gane baile deajodel
    agua sincronisado y
    difisil mente

  3. Adorei, mas porque isso apareceu na minha timeline

  4. por que no hablas y cual es tu equipo el mio amarillo zorito omo y holi

  5. i was done with the marathon race after 100 tries

  6. Ur a legend, u must have correct alot wrong moves that you made before, A LEGEND!

  7. i actually played that i betted the runners the ping ponger and the skateboarder

  8. Yo una vez lo jugué también y gane

  9. Non-speedrunner : this is hard
    Sweaty/speedrunner: hold my speedrun

  10. i have also did like that but when i gone to the boat it was different

  11. and me in google noodle game i already win the game

  12. why you afk when you played skateboarding?

  13. wait what!? how! your score just 4330!!!?

  14. no but I literally play this game during class like every day lol, it’s pretty epic

  15. The cat is not mute, he said the word ez every second

  16. i have played it 100 times u noob hahhahahahahahahahah

  17. 3 things one in the last 15 seconds of the arrow thing if you continuously hold the fire button you are basically a mashen gun 2 the arrow in the cutsene is a Rome arrow used to cut of the heads of ostrich because peasants loved that for some reason 3 water dance is the bane of my existence.

  18. Huh this is very easy I am first in ruby game and marathon

  19. And first in table tennis and skateboarding

  20. And first in climb mountains

  21. Legal 👌😸😸😸😸😸😸👌👌 parabéns

  22. You post the GOOGLE DOODLE ISLANDS GAME at July 25 so it was my birthays..,.

  23. What the game name I don’t know what the name of the game

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