[Former WR] Google Doodle Champion Island Any% Warpless Speedrun (9:48.167) - doodlechampion.com

[Former WR] Google Doodle Champion Island Any% Warpless Speedrun (9:48.167)

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Warpless Any% Speedrun of the Champion Island Google Doodle with a time of 9 minutes and 48.167 seconds. Former World Record.

Finally got sub-9:50. Definitely still several seconds to save, especially since my climbing was pretty bad, but I’m happy with this run. The recording software I used to record caused less lag in game, but as a result, the footage is a little jittery, so sorry about that.


  1. Have you played the secret games yet? (Im just asking)

  2. Insane how you are getting sub 10 warpless while others are getting over 10 even with warps

  3. You are a genius, but I feel like you've speedup the video

  4. Trophy earned !!
    Faster than bot
    Trophy earned !!
    Machine of speedrun
    Trophy earned !!
    I wasnt waiting for this beautiful moment

  5. Warms the heart, warms the soul. This music is very soothing. Stay connected 🙂 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

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