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Exploring Tanooki City | Google Doodle Champion Island Games !

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In this video I will explore the largest area in the Google Doodle Champion Island Games. As expected this area called as the city ( capital I assume ) has the largest interactable objectives and NPCS. The city is also the home base for Team Blue. There are a lot of houses, restaurant, gym, mini market, arcade, book store, skate parks, train ticket station and more !

Also, there is a fish on land on a wheel chair to move around.

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Thanks for watching !

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  1. Audio was muted for first minute sorry ! turn on caption for hidden message 😀
    Thanks for watching everyone !

  2. Your Lazy Neighbor • 100 years ago says:


  3. yo picas i beat the game and have done all the challenges, should i leave the game or keep exploring? i think i have seen everything but is there anything new in the update other then the challenges and the new events?

  4. At 2:30 sometimes there's a way to bypass the traffic cones by just staying at the traffic cones' spot and then leave the game, later if you come back to it you can go to the shops more quicker (but if you want to comeback outside those, just teleport your way out).
    This happened to me when I was like playing the game lol

    Also suggestion: perhaps check out the Swimming place at the next video 🙂

  5. My favourite legendary champion in this game is

    1st tanooki
    Last blue oni and orange oni

  6. And red team dialogue was kindly unlike the other team

  7. Tanuki is Literally Shukaku on a Kettle, who remember this Episode of Boruto?

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