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Evolution Of Momo ( Google Doodle )

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Check out Google Doodle’s Momo the cat evolution throughout the years !
From being a pet to ghost hunters to trophy masters, Momo done it all !

Lucky and Momo fanart by :

Halloween 2015 :

Halloween 2016 :

Earth day 2017 :

Halloween 2018 ( need online multiplayer to play the game ):

momo as O :

Google’s 19th birthday :

Halloween 2020 :

Champion Island 2021 :

Other sources from google search, twitter and fandom !

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  1. And she comes back again in the 2022 boba game as one of the costumers, ordering a boba to share with lucky!

  2. Momo was also featured in the recent google doodle about bubble tea


  4. yeah im def making them into a roblox avatar
    they're my favorite character

  5. momo's friend frog is somewhere in champion island

  6. in the sequel to THE GREAT GHOUL DUEL released on Oct 30 2022, momo appears as a scarecrow in the field level.

  7. Scout the Pacific Rim and Godzilla Fan 2K5 says:

    I noticed that the Boss Ghost flew into the Summer Triangle when defeated in part 2.

  8. There’s actually a hat called momo’s thinking hat in the ghoul brawl

  9. Wait till you find the boba themed Doodle. This time, Lucky AND Momo are there together! I got so happy when I saw it!

  10. Lucky and Momo made another appearance recently for the bubble tea game, theyre seen both getting the same boba together

  11. Ahora está en boba te no sé si jugaron

  12. Fun fact the new boba tea google doodle has momo and the cat from champions island

  13. 1: 1:36 Magic cat academy can now be found as halloween 2016
    2: 5:35 Great ghoul duel can be found as halloween 2018 and 2022 (the bad thing is that they closed the servers and only the tutorial can be played)

  14. Momo resembles Hei’s cat form from The Legend of Hei.

  15. 🖊️I-LOVE-PENS_AND-MY_BOOKS_📚 says:

    Momo X Lucky Is Canon!!!!

  16. Momo kinda reminds of a Reimu from the Touhou series

  17. Why does momo keeps being in the doodle games

  18. Do you personally think lucky and momo are dating?

  19. let's be honest we all half expected momo to give in to the flashbacks in the 2017 video lol


  21. Moms and lucky also share a bubble tea and some Pani puri in those two Google doodles

  22. She looks adorable. Give the cat a hug!

  23. Cool evolution about momo video there😎👍

  24. This hits different after watching fueled

  25. Man i thought momo was a boy for a sec cuz first i played the bubble tea one , then champion island and i thought they were gonna be together 💀

  26. I remember this google doddle!! I remember playing the Halloween 2016 google doodle I could never beat it. I also played the great ghoul duel! also a hard game, but man they where fun! it's amazing that google has it's own lore!

  27. Actually momo reminds me of mao mao the cat where i watch

  28. Im telling you, lucky and momo are dating

  29. what the name of the song from the champion island 2021

  30. I love how they break the fourth wall in champoin island

  31. I once beat the champion island by finding the trophy by myself without tutorials. Didnt know there was Momo

    Edit: also find the other 2 trophy that are not here in this video, bottom right, bottom left.

  32. Now momo and lucky are in a doodle of bobba tea and they are so cute😭😭😭💗💗💗

  33. nunca olvidare esos increibles doodles :,,,)

  34. Im commenting so late but in 2022 halloween theres a momo hat

  35. Fun Fact: There is a new doodle, celebrating Boba Tea. Yes, these characters (excluding the others (including Sugar)), came back (2023).

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