Doodle Game Champion Island Hidden Content -

Doodle Game Champion Island Hidden Content

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From Alpha version, removed contents and active community. There are so many things going on behind this game without you knowing it. Here are some of the topic I will be cover in this video.

Please let me know if I missed out any credit !

Song used :

from sleepy fish

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

Thanks for watching !

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  1. 4:30 taiko no tatsujin my fav game🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Hey can I play the alpha version in my phone? Please reply.

  3. Always pleased to see you're still making vids about DCIG!!!

  4. when i played the alpha version i saw in the library a book said there was a secret forest can u post about that

  5. 5:10 look closely in that picture behind lucky theres a creature what is it please post about this picasyo

  6. Google: lets launch part 2 Of champion island

    LEZGOOOO-wait the characther is the CHOSEN ONE AGAIN!?!?

    Google: hmm i will think but dont worry the original characther will be in the game.


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