Doodle Champion's Island Games - The Final Trophy Guide and a few things -

Doodle Champion’s Island Games – The Final Trophy Guide and a few things

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0:00 The Final Trophy
4:22 Final Quest (?)
5:20 Trying to go back at the beginning of the game


  1. I have always called the cat in the magic cat academy google doodle caty Potter

  2. So I got all trophies and scrolls, but I am unable to leave the island. Is it a bug? Or is there more stuff to do?

  3. But I can leave the island! How can you not leave?
    You have to finish all the 7 sports and get all trophies. It is not compulsory to do the secret games too.
    And in my PC there are 2 more trophies to earn-
    1. Crab in empty house
    2. Little Oni's motivation book.

    And the turtle who needs help with trophy also comes much before this. Not after collecting all trophies but in middle.

  4. The Google Doodle cinematic universe is forming.
    I will be ready.

  5. wait…. do you remember the secret beach?
    every time i go to that guy on the secret beach he keeps saying that i dont need to mind him!
    maybe you have to finish that!

    ok im not sure if this is true, i just thought of it okay?

  6. One month ago, when Tokyo Olympics started, that time you were unable to leave the world. But in this update, when Paralympics started, many new advancements were done, like 2nd level of Oni Island (RugBy), more trophies, Return of Fukuro in the hills and now you can leave it and start the game again. It's very fun

  7. So that is why the crane keeps saying he is saving that spot for later

  8. Hey Emir that mean Don't worry in last time

  9. Now there is an ending, but i dont see cursed words

  10. စိတ် မရှိပါ နှင့်=do not be upset

  11. I will never forget the chills i got when i used google lens to translate the final trophy. "Do not trust the bird"

  12. The final reveal made the whole game worthwhile. Even though I feel empty, I am happy I played this gem. 😄

  13. Two characters met from different google doodle games… Wow XD

  14. 5:32 Weird, when i click the trophy it just says the same thing of the others

  15. all this time…ive been walking around the map for hours then u can teleport!? why didn't I know about this?!

    oh, and that cat is sooooooo difficult to find! like- seriously.

    im sorry im just raging this out, hehhee

  16. did u know they updated the game… there are now 2 more trophies and advanced archery

  17. i got so nostalgic because the first doodle i play was the cat wizard game where you do spells

  18. I completed this but wanted to see the side quests again! Wasn’t disappointed.

  19. Thanks for help i didnt think that i have to go and clik on trophy

  20. stay inside the trophy master for a few minutes

  21. NO WONDER WHY IT SAYS DONT TRUST THE BIRD I was getting trophies and then I got a weird message from that bird… SUS

  22. im almost done with all trophies but PLEASE!!! WHERE IS FURKO I LOOKED ON THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN HS NOT THERE my guy ive looked for days hes not in the cave pls a a tutorial vid ill subcribe and everything

  23. how do u get more tropies ive finished all the sports and only have 1 trophie

  24. I have played this game like two or three times, it's very fun, and there are some creepy and cool parts, you guys should try it out!, it's about a cat named lucky! Lucky the cat has to he in a team, lucky the cat has to slove everyone's problems! And he/she has to challenge 7 champions! There are some creepy parts and there are cool parts! You get to meet momo as well (you'll know how she is if you have played the game of this or Halloween or both)

  25. The first book: Tale of Two Kappas
    is a reference that's in the game if you go northwest and see one of the Kappas they are actually an intelligent one and talks about their brother

    The sixth book: Is PROBABLY talking about the secret skate park.

    The yellow team's book: The content of their book might be redacted because of how much information they know.
    EXAMPLE: One of the foxes knows they're in a game.

    The Librarian: In the game, they're a bit suspicious because of the fact they said in their mind "or else".

    But that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY!

  26. i controlled momo and kitty cat crazy
    anyways why is momo very famous in champion island. im saying this bicas whenever i go to the libary in tanko city
    theres book📕 called momo and her angolthy adventures same in reds head quaters 🤔🤨😐🙄🙀 CRAZYYYY momo is famous

  27. you must to look something to leave the island….

  28. If you want to start a new game ,then you must click on the compass button and then go to settings after that you will see an option where there is written start a new game , click on that and then click yes and then a new game would start

  29. you can leave but the ending is you have to play again

  30. หหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหหฐ์ฌ

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