Doodle Champion Island Leaving The Island with The Boat (FINAL ENDING) -

Doodle Champion Island Leaving The Island with The Boat (FINAL ENDING)

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New updates in Google Doodle Champion Island game for leaving the island ending credit scene (with his boat surely) and also some new games, new side quests, new npc.

00:00 Intro
00:25 New Things to Discover
00:40 Little Oni Side Quest
03:50 House for Sale Side Quest
08:19 New Archery Game
10:26 New Rugby Game
10:32 Leaving The Island

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  1. i have beaten all the 7 sports but i have to do side quests to leave!!

  2. Kok aku gak bisa bang walau udah update terbaru

  3. finished the game a month ago now playing the update

  4. me whos watching because i accidentally skipped the end scene

  5. i want to leave, but i cant leave cause all my progress and loving memories xd

  6. I like lucky with the glasses on she be like: “YEAAAA I LOOK SO COOL BYE SUCKERS”

  7. guys i got all the trophies but for some reason it didnt let me leave why?

  8. I hope the island in the distance at the end is champion island 2!

  9. This is truth but you can not even move your own boat around and turn on the song different

  10. She has no idea that she's sailing to 🅱razil😳🙃

  11. does anyone know how to defeat archery by glitching?//?/?

  12. the update isnt out yet on the google browser

  13. What i'am not able to leave the island 😒

  14. there are no quests in the last line in the corner how do you get it then I have no quests in the corner how can i get them

  15. How can i leave the island if i don't even have the last two trophies spots?

  16. Me in 2nd marathon: IM ALMOST THERE

    A mf crab: How about no

  17. I’m having a problem. I’ve collected all the scrolls and completed all side quests, yet the 6 people at the end aren’t showing up. What am I missing?

  18. How did you did that can you please tell me because I also play it

  19. i bought the haunted house a long time ago that's why I guess there's no crab

  20. If I leave, I won't see them again and I will cry on my loving memories XC


  22. i had finished all the mission and got all the scrolls, but why can't i leave the island?

  23. mine doesn' t have the update. do you have to download it, or did the actual browser game update? please help.

  24. i didn't know that has a new update🤯

  25. I was close to getting the end, I still have to face archery then I can leave the island

  26. Yes yes After years and years to get all the tropy

  27. I'd be honest, the credits music (Qumu's Artistic Swimming Karaoke version) makes me emotional in the credits … Best of luck in your future endeavors, Lucky :3

    One trivia / caveat …

    If Lucky's on the pier to her boat the last time you played this doodle before the Paralympics update … You must use her teleportation skills to get out of there.

    On another note, instead of just clicking 'start new game' in the doodle's settings, bowing out respectfully and resetting your progress / switching teams this way is much more dignified & honorable (albeit taking much longer) for a doodle this brilliantly elaborate & made by people this passionate

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