Doodle Champion Island Games - Google's Cute Cat Game FULL PLAYTHROUGH / ENDING / ALL TROPHIES -

Doodle Champion Island Games – Google’s Cute Cat Game FULL PLAYTHROUGH / ENDING / ALL TROPHIES

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Video has a full playthrough of Google Doodle Champion Island Games including its endings / all trophies / side quests which is a cute Google made adventure game starring a Cat named Lucky that’s being used to promote the Olympics.

Game Info:

“You feelin lucky?”

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  1. Welcome to the Nyan Nyan Nyan Club, how Nyan Nyan Nyan are ya?

  2. Not bad for a game that was seemingly made to pander.

  3. I didn’t know there were side quests I was just teleporting and playing the main games

  4. Bruh this game was so amaizing and adorable i love it

  5. did the leaderboard reset for anyone else today lol bc green was in first place and then they suddenly lost 3m points and im so confused

  6. How to change the team I have chosen

  7. anyone gonna play the game and join team yellow because of manly now?

  8. Guys has anyone actually left the island from the boat at the bottom? Like is that a thing

  9. Out of all the sports, Table Tennis was the easiest for me.

  10. I couldn't finish it but it was amazing, I loved it 😭

  11. just completed it but was a bit disappointed bcs it doesnt has any ending… 😐😐😐

  12. How ddo you get the kijimuna chid. the child was running, ineed to catch her but how?

  13. Has anyone else gotten trapped between two construction sites in Tanooki city?

  14. I finished the game and am trying to add points to my team, but I don't understand how the leaderboard updates.
    Sometimes it does add more points, but then the added points is below the amount I got on the sports before it updated.

    Wish I knew how it worked exactly.

  15. I played the whole game as well.
    I loved it and it’s very cute and adorable.


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