Doodle Champion Island Games | Google Doodle | Full Game -

Doodle Champion Island Games | Google Doodle | Full Game

Project Detonado
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  1. 1. Do you know how to get money in the game? That Yarn Ball game looks playable, and also probably we can buy things from the shop, but no money!
    2. Also do you know what to do with the 50 bowls of noodle left at Tanooki City? It gotta go somewhere right?

    P.S. After collecting all the trophies, there is one more thing you gotta do. HINT: Trophies Room. And there's a few things you gotta do to complete them.

  2. Has anyone found the kid yet? I can't find her

  3. what can you do after getting all the trophys? Nothing?

  4. na verdade ainda há missões secundárias para serem feitas depois de pegar os 7 pergaminhos.
    Consegui completar todos os troféus e daí sim acho que acabou. Alguém sabe me dizer se tem algo mais para fazer?

  5. Anyone know where is the "third sister"? It says its in the Tanooki city but I can't find her anywhere

  6. may i know where i can find the 3 branches from the marathon side? i found 2, but i cant find the last one TT

  7. we need to collect trophies by helping people…and then at the last a crane related thing happens..i have finished the game already…its so much good 🙂

  8. ive completed the full game and got all the trophys, but the last trophy just says 'dont trust the bird'. am i supposed to do something or is there not a trophy there?

  9. im playing that game for almost 3 days still i didnt get a third scroll

  10. Its not full game, u can leave island but u must complete 3 candy in minigame ( I know near bamboo next frog have a minigame )

  11. I got ALL the trophies and won all the games, but nothing else happened. Am I miasing something or is jus how the game ends?

  12. Anyone know where is the blacksmith in tanooki city?

  13. i have completed the whole game including helping people 😀

  14. Most sports have a second way to play them, but some I have found 3 different gates. do all sports have 3 gates?

  15. the game doesn't save. i opened after 3 days and i have to start all over

  16. At the video game place it says cat academy you had a good time xD

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