Doodle Champion Island Games | Full Playthrough [Wretch Plays] -

Doodle Champion Island Games | Full Playthrough [Wretch Plays]

Wretch Plays
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Let’s play Doodle Champion Island Games! Google is celebrating the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games with a full-blown retro style RPG made in partnership with Japan’s STUDIO4°C!
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  1. Also, you can go back to the boat in the end… it's just end credits mostly, but it's still part of the ending I'd say

  2. 😍 I'm so glad to see all of it. I could only do so much on my phone. I got to the climbing and some of the cool cutscenes at least.

  3. My theory is that Momo is able to open portals into different worlds, because she knows magic and attends that witch school we see in the Halloween Doodle. That's why the portal opens when Momo is there

  4. Man you read so fast… Hard to believe you actually read it all

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