Doodle Champion Island Games | All Sports + Ending (Google doodle for Tokyo Olympics 2020) -

Doodle Champion Island Games | All Sports + Ending (Google doodle for Tokyo Olympics 2020)

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A compilation of Doodle Champion Island Games, as well as the ending after defeating all 7 legendary champions.

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0:00 Intro

0:54 Archery
2:23 Synchronized Swimming
3:51 Rugby
5:00 Table tennis
6:24 Climbing
8:30 Marathon
10:08 Skateboarding

12:37 Ending


  1. i just completed all the main games without joining any teams. what are the benefits (and losses) from each teams?

  2. just finished it, was really good.

  3. Did 'em all on the first try except the rugby, argh, that one took me forever

  4. i just completed it, and i collected all the trophies!

  5. I tried to record but it took too long and I was gonna run out of space.

  6. what should i do after get all those trophies…

  7. ya me lo termine y me quiero ir de la isla, pero la gata dice que aun falta mAs pOr hACer :,,,v y ya termine todas las misiones. Igual, estuvo muy entretenido 😀

  8. have completed all the challenges…….how should i finish the game man

  9. On mobile it’s so difficult to do archery bruhhh
    Edit: I did it!

  10. just finished it and it took me about 15 minutes

  11. Wonderful game. Finished it. All the side missions too. Very nice.

  12. Hardest was the Sync dance. I did it after unlocking the second stage after doing a mission. The 2nd song was easier and slower. 🙂
    Everything else was fine but super fun!!!

  13. Yeah me too Ilike it, it is like insane graphics
    Just finished tooo

  14. i have completed it, and the side quests, but in the swimming hall area there is something about a secret dance at night and in the marathon area in the secret area there is a purple pangolin and it says im waiting for someone special, is there more to this game?

  15. All side misson:
    you can find them in houses around the map.
    took a while to complete.
    Secret games:
    – Another park in the city, with the password "TEAPOT"
    – 2 another table tennis game (50 and 100)
    – Another mountain to climb (186m – 1:30s)
    – A secret beach on Marathon Island (1500m)
    All quests (not exact name):
    – Stop the wind (steal the fan)
    – The sleepy cat (talk with the cat on the magma island)
    – Hot water (open the hot water pool)
    – Who wins on the marathon (give them bread)
    – Royal Arrow Collector (find arrows)
    – Delivery (give keys)
    – Help Moutain King (help meet Moutain King)
    – Member of the Secret skating park (password is TEAPOT)
    – Peach hunter (Japanese traditional tale – Montaro)
    – The Lucky Arrow (Find arrow)
    – Booklover (find book)
    – Rain stopper (give train ticket)
    – Continue practicing (get the lazy student back to the gym)
    – Builder of the year (give water to the construction worker)
    – Marathon Childkeeper (find the children – HARD)
    – Three sisters unite (get three sister together – unlock new song)
    – Craftman (give 3 wood, the last wood is on the secret beach behind the big tree)
    – Helper
    – Real estate agent (a new house at magma island)
    – Light (unlock new tennis table)
    – Racket finder (find the racket)
    SPECIAL QUEST: Don't believe the bird! (stop here if not want a spoiler) Find the Halloween bird on the boat with a hole at the Bow island. Jump into the water. You will find the real advancement tracker.
    lack some because I haven't complete yet. It is more complex than you think.

  16. Have you finished all the trophies? If you help the islanders then you get more trophies.

  17. I hate that we cant leave the island in our boat after finishing the game. :/

  18. I've just finished the game and the side quest it took me all morning and eveninig but it was worth it

  19. i cant leave on the boat someone tell me pls

  20. love it. it is amazing wwwwoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  21. It’s soooo japan ✨✨✨ all the monsters and yokai! And this vintage game style with animation just perfect❤️❤️❤️

  22. for marathon they shouldve also said "STAY ON THE TRACK OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FAST STREAK"

  23. Istg climbing is the hardest one of haven't beat it yet 😞

  24. Have I mentioned how much I loved playing this? The artistic swimming one is my favortie!

  25. I have an 100% completion of the game (all quests ,the secret ending, and all extra missions )and it was really good

  26. I would've loved an ending where you invite the folks who you helped to those 50 noodle bowls.

  27. This really took me back to middle school, it was like playing Pokémon on my game boy color. 🙂

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