Doodle Champion Island Games (3/3) [22/22 Trophies] -

Doodle Champion Island Games (3/3) [22/22 Trophies]

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As we wait for the anticipated Tokyo Olympics that will begin today,
Google Doodle created a 16-bit Sports RPG miniature game for us to play.

You play as Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat and face 7 Legendary Champions, beat them all in their standard and hard difficulties and collect all the trophies!

You can play the game by clicking the link down below:

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  1. waiting for someone to port this to an actual SNES

  2. OOOOH the FORMER champion…. no wonder :"/
    Took me long too </3
    I kept going back to where the old turtle lady stood lmaoo

  3. I wish they had put a more concrete ending in the game, but for what all was there it was a fun and chilled, if kind of stressful regarding the rhythm and race game, experience.

  4. Anyone know where is the octopus? So i can have tengu's fan 😭

  5. Can someone tell me where are the 5 blue arrows?

  6. Where can I find the Kijimuna girl? I found it once but not the second time

  7. eres genial ni yo podia pasar los juegos rapido me tocaba repetir otra vez gracias por tu guia

  8. el rubi es el mas dificil pero ya lo pase y la escalada


  10. I have 24 trophies in total and I have earned 22. One of the two that I miss in looking for someone to buy a house by the sea. Can someone help me? Thanks!

  11. I remember that i Saw a vídeo where Momo appeared but the background was red, does anyone know how to get there? (Or anyone has the link of the vídeo? Plz help i need it)

    (I think that in the vídeo Lucky said "What ate You doinG here Momo?" And Momo awnsered "actually, i've been Loking for You" or something like that)

  12. How you get second trophy in bottom line on right?

  13. guys i have been collected all the trophies. is that supposed to end or what should I do next 😀

  14. please help me with the 50 bowl noodles task, i don't get it, what should i do?

  15. "we cannot rest till we are the strongest" haha yes im on the red team and I boosted us to 1st place

  16. wtf is the ghostly figure trophy. the third one on the second row

  17. i really think that it's still not finish, I mean there's so much things not yet done like how to bring fukoru down, eat 50 noodles, buy sport drinks, play chess, and more also i really think that to escape the island is to ride back the boat

  18. I really can't pass the second climbing game! it's impossible to get to that third green rock. How did you do it?

  19. I have a problem, i have talked to the kid on the bamboo forest, but he just says "Rain, yeah, beautiful rain" And i cannot continue with it, i tried the train thing but i really dont know how to, could someone help me?

  20. This doesn't happen when I talk to this guy in the bamboo forest. He just keeps saying 'rain, beautiful rain forever ' someone help me please!!!!!

  21. I thought eatin ramen is a game and at the end we sail away.. that’s why I spend an hour to go around bcuz I thought I missed smth after The all the trophies

  22. Im looking for the last quest i require. Thats why i came here

  23. i was so shocked at the crossover moment with momo the halloween cat- this is shockingly the best game i played

  24. Why does my crane never remind me of missing missons that I need?

  25. Where's the ghost in pagodas in the garden? In east

  26. The Best Game Ever, just got all trophies yesterday.

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