Doodle Champion Island Games - 100% Walkthrough (Part 1) -

Doodle Champion Island Games – 100% Walkthrough (Part 1)

Masked Longplayer
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Complete walkthrough of Doodle Champion Island Games for Google’s Doodle Platform. with all Challenges and all Quests completed. Part 1 covers the original release.
Doodle Champion Island Games is a special game created to support Tokyo 2021 Olympics.
0:00 Intro
0:55 Tutorial
1:47 To Tanuki City
2:47 Challenge #1 – Skateboarding (Normal)
4:47 To Climbing Mountain
5:30 Challenge #2 – Climbing (Normal)
6:26 To Archery Port
7:03 Challenge #3 – Archery (Normal)
8:30 Archery Port Continued
9:00 To Oni Volcano
9:39 Challenge #4 – Rugby (Normal)
10:32 Obtaining Super Fire Arrow
11:30 Climbing Mountain Part 2
12:17 – Challenge #2 – Climbing (Hard)
20:38 Tanuki City Part 2
23:10 To Marathon Beach
23:30 Challenge #5 – Marathon (Normal)
24:48 Marathon Beach Continued
29:31 To Bridge Garden
29:49 Challenge #6 – Artistic Swimming (Normal)
31:16 Tanuki City Part 3
39:56 Marathon Beach Part 2
40:34 Challenge #5 – Marathon (Hard / Fail)
47:10 Marathon Beach Part 2 Continued
47:52 To Bamboo Village
48:15 Challenge #7 – Table Tennis (Normal)
49:45 – All Normal Challenges Completed Ending
50:28 Bamboo Village Continued
51:27 Challenge #7 – Table Tennis (Hard)
53:00 Unlocking Trophy House
56:40 Bamboo Village Part 2
1:05:47 Archery Port Part 2
1:11:03 Oni Volcano Part 2
1:14:30 Climbing Mountain Part 3
1:19:11 Archery Port Part 3
1:20:05 Tanuki City Part 4
1:25:12 Oni Volcano Part 3
1:27:16 Tanuki City Part 5
1:29:46 Challenge #1 – Skateboarding (Hard)
1:31:29 Bamboo Village Part 3
1:33:37 Bridge Garden Part 2
1:36:17 Tanuki City Part 6
1:37:35 Bamboo Village Part 4
1:38:17 Challenge #7 – Table Tennis (Extreme)
1:40:55 Bridge Garden Part 3
1:42:27 Challenge #6 – Artistic Swimming (Hard)
1:43:31 Unlocking Sunken Red Gate in Bridge Garden
1:56:50 Challenge #6 – Artistic Swimming (Extreme)
1:57:56 Final Quest – Finding the Previous Chosen One
2:02:35 The End


  1. Man, it's crazy Google made an entire game for the Olympics this year

  2. Way to go! You did it! It will help me conplete that game (even if that is cheating). Thank you.

  3. dude you know you can warp from island to island right?

  4. 47:00 Yeah, the hard difficulty secret beach run is total bullshit. Too long, too much crap coming your way, hitboxes are dumb. Disgustingly boring and shouldn't even be attempted at all.

  5. I love this video! I finally find another stage of the Artistic Swiming! Because I chat with one of the NPC, and he said there were 3 songs for Artistic Swiming, but I can't find the second (hard)one. Luckily I find this video~Is very useful!

  6. there's no hard challenge on archery and rugby right?

  7. Does the game end once you collected all trophies ? I did it and I still can't leave the island using the boat from the beginning of the game (it says "there is more sports challenges to complete").

  8. I feel like (pretty sure) i completed everything in the game but when i try to leave Lucky says "i can't leave now, there are still sports to win!" any idea of what to do about that? am i maybe missing something?

  9. Where is the yellow secret base hideout I found every other hideout just not yellows

  10. I couldnt find the 3rd old lady from the sunken red gate. Ty for that 🙂
    Now i have everything except the hard challenges, wont try them for sure

  11. when i played this game my friend did the tutorial, but for me it just said your stronger than you look

  12. I very struggle to find last turtle , very hard huhu , I almost take 1 hour and finally 1:55:10 hmm

  13. Great play through! So I guess there was really nothing to do with that girl in the beach part that says “don’t mind me I’m just waiting for a special someone”. I thought that was a secret mission I missed lol

  14. Came here to check if there was a cutscene for 100%ing the game, I guess there's not lol, i was blindly walking around the plaza and talking with the boat to check if i was missing something lmao. Great video btw, thanks!

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