Doodle Champion Island Games - 100% Walkthrough (Part 1) -

Doodle Champion Island Games – 100% Walkthrough (Part 1)

Masked Longplayer
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Complete walkthrough of Doodle Champion Island Games for Google’s Doodle Platform. with all Challenges and all Quests completed. Part 1 covers the original release.
Doodle Champion Island Games is a special game created to support Tokyo 2021 Olympics.
0:00 Intro
0:55 Tutorial
1:47 To Tanuki City
2:47 Challenge #1 – Skateboarding (Normal)
4:47 To Climbing Mountain
5:30 Challenge #2 – Climbing (Normal)
6:26 To Archery Port
7:03 Challenge #3 – Archery (Normal)
8:30 Archery Port Continued
9:00 To Oni Volcano
9:39 Challenge #4 – Rugby (Normal)
10:32 Obtaining Super Fire Arrow
11:30 Climbing Mountain Part 2
12:17 – Challenge #2 – Climbing (Hard)
20:38 Tanuki City Part 2
23:10 To Marathon Beach
23:30 Challenge #5 – Marathon (Normal)
24:48 Marathon Beach Continued
29:31 To Bridge Garden
29:49 Challenge #6 – Artistic Swimming (Normal)
31:16 Tanuki City Part 3
39:56 Marathon Beach Part 2
40:34 Challenge #5 – Marathon (Hard / Fail)
47:10 Marathon Beach Part 2 Continued
47:52 To Bamboo Village
48:15 Challenge #7 – Table Tennis (Normal)
49:45 – All Normal Challenges Completed Ending
50:28 Bamboo Village Continued
51:27 Challenge #7 – Table Tennis (Hard)
53:00 Unlocking Trophy House
56:40 Bamboo Village Part 2
1:05:47 Archery Port Part 2
1:11:03 Oni Volcano Part 2
1:14:30 Climbing Mountain Part 3
1:19:11 Archery Port Part 3
1:20:05 Tanuki City Part 4
1:25:12 Oni Volcano Part 3
1:27:16 Tanuki City Part 5
1:29:46 Challenge #1 – Skateboarding (Hard)
1:31:29 Bamboo Village Part 3
1:33:37 Bridge Garden Part 2
1:36:17 Tanuki City Part 6
1:37:35 Bamboo Village Part 4
1:38:17 Challenge #7 – Table Tennis (Extreme)
1:40:55 Bridge Garden Part 3
1:42:27 Challenge #6 – Artistic Swimming (Hard)
1:43:31 Unlocking Sunken Red Gate in Bridge Garden
1:56:50 Challenge #6 – Artistic Swimming (Extreme)
1:57:56 Final Quest – Finding the Previous Chosen One
2:02:35 The End


  1. Came here to check if there was a cutscene for 100%ing the game, I guess there's not lol, i was blindly walking around the plaza and talking with the boat to check if i was missing something lmao. Great video btw, thanks!

  2. When watching Frozen…

    Me: I Like Snowball😍

    When playing Climbing (Hard)…

    Me: I HATE Snowball😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. I am a little confused about the skateboard game. I won the basic one without knowing what I was supposed to do. (Just pressed arrows and space bar aimlessly.) Can you explain what to do in the skateboard game? I saw some boards in the scene with the score, but am not sure the meaning

  4. I cant find the third piece of driftwood. Could this be a bug???

  5. 1:55:11 Gosh, I'm also looking for this last Tortoise/Turtle, it's really hard to find, Thanks for the Walkthrough

  6. the marathon on hard was relatively easy, its the climbing section that gets me.

  7. Have you go back to the Lucky's ship? You've done all quest and games right?

  8. That game pushed me very hard although I did not rage but, I had that grunt in my face.

  9. How can i make that Fukuro comes back to the dojo? I won the climbing (both) but he still missing from the dojo.

  10. I wish there was a way to make the flower petals go away after you win…

  11. I watched this video and realized I've already played through the whole game 🙁 I loved it though 🙂

  12. What anime is this based on? Or did Google create this masterpiece from scratch?

  13. I´ll admit it. The marathon race on the secret beach was insane. And I thought for sure it would be a trophy, but no, just spilled sweat and tears for nothing.

  14. How can I pass artistic swimming. how many combo is needed at least? I won all other 6 athletes.I just stuck on this.

  15. It was so much fun playing this game, i was actually looking if there is something left in the game by watching a walkthrough video 'LUCKY'🐱ly; i completed my game without knowing😜😂🐱🐱

  16. i've finished every trophy and everything else except for rugby and marathoning, those ones are hard ;-;

  17. I see you have my same frustration with the hard climbing… 🙁

  18. You can teleport by clicking in the game icons in the map

  19. Help. How to find the sleeping champion? I completely forgot who and where gave me the quest and I have no idea what to do

  20. How do we leave the island on the ship?

  21. I came here to see how to finish the game, just to find this walkthrough stopping at the same situation.. the ending would be when the cat can take the boat in the South where it all started. It says "I can't leave, I still have to play some games". But I played all including hidden ones and won all with 3 points. So how the heck can I really finish the game and sail off?

  22. 100 subs

    It appears that not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear masks.

  23. just so you know, its spelled tanooki city.

  24. tengu me gano muchas pelioas pero aun asi le gane

  25. u just completed the marathon on normal on 1st try 😮 it took me 10 tries ;-; and i cant even beat the hard mode

  26. I watched this video 📹 arcade game 🕹🎮 like I'll never seen before.

  27. the doodle game has been updated there are two more quest which is "Little motivator" and a quest where you have to find a empty house in bridge garden in the west which i'm struggling with, and you can also leave the island now, try and check the game if you don't believe me. but anyways great video ^^

  28. In the trophy room last two spots have been added, which is not there in the walkthrough can you please check and add that section.

  29. would like to know where to find the motivational book for the little oni.

  30. The climbing challenge is literally impossible for me, I can’t jump high enough to get to first platform

  31. Can't stand how difficult the second rugby stage is…I feel it's unfair due to the lack of power-ups and way too many blue omis, and also the second marathon…seriously those larger sized crabs.

  32. Fun fact = the intro and the cutscene are the best in the game

  33. I still wann see if he can leave the champion island or no

  34. U can use the compass to reach places faster instead of running and rolling

  35. you are kinda bad, you can just warp around the worlds.

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