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Doodle Champion Island Game Level 2

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Doodle Champion Island Games is a 2021 role-playing browser game developed by Google in partnership with Studio 4°C. The game acted as an interactive Google Doodle in celebration of the 2020 Summer Olympics as well as Japanese folklore and culture. The story follows Lucky the Cat as she competes in sports across Champion Island to become the champion of the island, whilst helping the local residents who are in need.

Doodle Champion Island is an role-playing video game with elements of a sports game. The player controls a ninja cat named Lucky around an island with seven different regions that resembles different Japanese locations and geography, such as bamboo forests and mountains. In each region, there features of seven island champions that all specialises in a specific sport. The sports themselves are mini-games, where once Lucky beats the mini-game, they earn a Sacred Scroll. By beating all seven champions and earning their scrolls, the player is named “Island Champion”.[1][2] The player can also join one of 4 teams that are all represented by a color and a creature from Japanese mythology. By competing in the mini-games, it will accumulate points that are tallied onto a Global Leaderboard, with the highest scoring team being rewarded the title of winner by the end of the Olympics.

Additionally, each region holds plenty of side quests for the player to seek out. These side quests involve Lucky helping out the residents of the island in a variety of tasks such as item fetching and trade sequences. Some side quests can also unlock harder versions of the original mini-games. All these side quests can earn the player a trophy which can be viewed in a hut in the center of the island, with 30 to collect in total.[3]

The name of the island is Champions Island. It has seven sub-islands and a one main central island. Lucky starts the game by arriving at the port, in the southern part of the main island. After defeating the komainu, he moves to the center of the island where he is asked to join one of the four teams. After joining one of the team’s he can start the sports and miniganes, as well as contribute to the global leaderboard.

He first goes to the Southeastern part of the island on the beach also called the Kijimuna Beach for Marathon with kijimuna, the he moves to the eastern part of the island, also called the Oni Island, to play Rugby with the oni. He then moves to the northeastern part of the island, also called Old Tanooki City, to play Table Tennis with Tengu. He then leaves for the northern part of the island, called the Mountains for playing Rock Climbing with Fukuro, the owl, he then goes to the northwestern part of the island, also called, the archery island to play Archery with yoichi. He the moves to the western part of the island, also called the artistic swimming area to play Swimming with Princess Otihime. At last he moves to the southwestern part of the island, also called, The Great Tanooki City, (which is also the biggest sub-island on the entire champions island), to play Skateboarding with Tanooki.

Along with this there are 30 minigames all over the island. After completing a minigame, Lucky gets a trophy. To see his trophies, along with the remaining minigames, he can go to the trophy masters home, located in the Northern part of the main island.

There are simple controls of the game:-

To move Lucky, left, right, up and down, you have to press the respected arrow keys.
To make Lucky move faster, you can use a combination of, the arrow keys along with the spacebar.
By pressing Spacebar, you can start a new communication between Lucky and the other character(s), as well as speed up, ongoing communications.
As well as these, there is also a controls tab, by which you can change general controls and settings of the game, see the leaderboard, as well as “Warp around the World”, by clicking on one of the seven islands.


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