Doodle Champion Island - A Secret On The Beach | Little Detail -

Doodle Champion Island – A Secret On The Beach | Little Detail

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The mystery guest is reveal in a very subtle and cute way in the game.

Champion Island Secrets :

Cat Nap Enabler Trophy Guide :

Secret Beach’s Secret Character :

Sunken Red Bridge Trophy Guide :

Doodle Champion Island Playlist :

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  1. That secret beach race is contains giant crustaceans

  2. I think it is not a secret since it is in front of you and the pangolin is from the other dodle of Valentine's Day

  3. I'm really excited for this new update that'll probably come for these two people in the game.

  4. I love that pangolin love game! When I saw him and talked to him I was internally squealing saying "IT'S THE PANGOLIN FROM THE VALENTINE GAME!!"

  5. There are a few loose ends that don't get resolved like the other crab (the one that asks for melon bread).

  6. My personal regret is that we never get to see them together.

  7. ok so a bit more about this google had made a game before called pangolin love which have the same animals there for the book task and this video. Maybe its related

  8. thanks for derme this secret of the island of champions I discovered something spectacular

  9. yeah i saw it but there was no bench so i was confused

  10. for me I needed to give them some baked goods to unlock. (I also had found the last piece of wood at the secret beach!)

  11. yeah n she was wearing a cat faced mark coz it is a from another google game i dont remember

  12. So, only if it offered a trophy, still the game is so nice and beautiful

  13. So here is the explaination of the myth so the boy you talk to asks you for help then you find out about the secret beach it is not an secret if see an strange tree and go into it where you find the two best friends if you give the melon bread they will let you in this is where you can find a similar charater but girl if have not done anything she will only say one thing that "don't mind me I'm just waiting for someone special " and she is talking about the boy.

  14. i see that when i came back she’s reading it the book that i return to her and he said that

  15. First not a rabbit and second it's a pangolin

  16. what about 50 bowls of noodle who eat them .

  17. Wait, it explained the pangolin at the beach from pangolin love, and that….. OMG IM A GENIUS

  18. I opened the secret beach before comepleteing any of my tasks- just enter and yeah

  19. is the fake isso mentira e o um erro do tradutor

  20. Fun fact: Is the character from the game “Pangolin Love”

  21. how my is saying you can't go in


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