Dance (FNF Chart) - Google Doodle Champion Island Games -

Dance (FNF Chart) – Google Doodle Champion Island Games

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I charted the first song note for note from the Tokyo Olympics Google Doodle game in Friday Night Funkin’
I know the chart doesn’t match the music, so blame Google for that one

FULL WEEK out now:

Karaoke (2nd song):
Rock (3rd song):

Listen to the song by Qumu:

Go play the Google Doodle!


  1. You guys asked for a download really quicklyI'll put this on GameBanana (with both the original and improved charts) as soon as I get the chanceEdit: Finally, after over a month, I've completed the charts and uploaded the files.Check it out:

  2. How does this end up working so well? Otherwise, great idea with great charting; wish this is playable via a download.

  3. Love the charting bro, amazing, absolutely incredible. Keep up the good work

  4. Has NO ONE noticed that the colors are switched around for the arrows?

  5. I never thought the day would come…but here it is.

  6. Cool.
    It have a Mistake.
    FNF + Island of Champions!
    Thank you Hundrec for select my favorite google doodle! 😀

  7. I did the same thing you did but got the chart horribly wrong!

  8. Imagine if someday someone made a fnf mod vs Lucky the cat and features this song, it will be so awesome

  9. I like the fact that you even switched the up and down arrows because that's how it is from the actual game.

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