Climbing the tallest mountain to reach Fukuro | Google Doodle Champion Island -

Climbing the tallest mountain to reach Fukuro | Google Doodle Champion Island

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This mode is unlocked by finishing a side quest in the Hot Springs.
Google Doodle Champion Island.


  1. Can someone tell me where the hot spring is

  2. I did the same score ! tried for about 6 times ^^'

  3. after I did that there was fukuro he was on the top of the dojo but the birdie thingamabobber there still says that he's on top of the mountain
    is it a bug or is it supposed to be like that ? 'cause I think that there's 3 different stages for each area and I couldn't find the third stage for the climbing contest

  4. this game is actually pretty fine nonetheless ! short but cool, I wish developers would go further with it or make a second game !

  5. I finished this, yet I'm unable to see Fukuro T-T

  6. How do you jump so high?!
    Edit: Hold jump button to jump higher.

  7. i beat this and fukuro still didn't come back, is this a glitch or a bug? 🙁

  8. I dont get it, i defeated it but he still didn't come down

  9. Charlotte Picasso B'2 Hamilton Eilish Da Vinci says:

    yes baby!

  10. How tf do i get fukuro back to the dojo?? He just be chillin on the roof. Is there something beyond that that i can do?

  11. Are there any additional levels for rugby and archery? I couldnt find any

  12. Its hard but still harder second marathon stage

  13. He doesn't talk with me, but I don't want to talk with him as well… HE TRIED TO KILL ME WITH THOSE SNOWBALLS. IT IS NOT SPORT, FUKURO. –.–"

  14. i've tried this for so long but can't get to the top!! i always run out of time since it takes me a million years to jump from the second checkpoint to the third

  15. Super Mountain Girl is on one side of the cave. I didnt realise there were sides until i tried it

  16. Me: somehow makes it up the mountain YES NOW HE WILL COME BACK TvT
    Me like 10 seconds later: anddddd he aint there ._.

  17. How can you do those long jumps? I can't even reach the first grass spot!!

  18. I've been on this level for a day. I can't get passed the 2nd checkpoint >:(

  19. I cleared this mountain, the other map areas and cleared all the NPC requests. It was a really fun game, and I'm super glad google decided to release it. Now I'm trying to get Fukuro's achievement unlocked, and from the replies I think you have to talk to the orange sleeping cat a few times.

  20. i've restarted the game in a annonymous page, and actually, fukuro come back do dojo when you get his scroll, what happens is that, before you play the climbing game, go to the outside back of dojo, and you will not see him at the top of the dojo, then, after beating him in his challenge, he come back and perches in the top of the roof(sry for my english)

  21. Just now I finished not the small Mt this long Mt in my android

  22. game said i won several times but fukuro hasnt come down from the mountain yet. how long foes that take?


  24. dudes i tried to do that but it's hard

  25. The first mountain is easy, but the second one is just hard. Took us long enough to finish that.

  26. Why is it so hard on tablet (。ノω\。)

  27. while doing this my space bar almost broke

  28. I only see the small bird in the dojo

  29. nice even after 4 tries i finally reached furko in 39 secs

  30. how do you jumps do high?! i legit hate this map the most

  31. The problem is that when I reached the top, I can't climb onto the mountain like

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