Champion Island All Scrolls (Any%) Speedrun in 8:37.733 (Former WR) -

Champion Island All Scrolls (Any%) Speedrun in 8:37.733 (Former WR)

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Extremely poggers, the record is now mine again


  1. LOL I literally just saw a few minutes ago this game on google and thought to myself, "Well I know what game I'm starting a let's play of on Monday!" then I decided to come over here to watch a Stranded Isle Speedrun or two and saw this, I guess great minds think alike XD

  2. Hi !! I tried to speedrun it and i got 24 global top. I emailed EasySpeezy for speedrun It, I have hope that he try to sppedrun this

  3. it you close then open a new tab, you can skip the winning cutscenes

  4. It's my fav game thanks u did a pretty well!

  5. time does not stop until the cinematic ends. the title is misleading, you should change it

  6. I don't need to do anything just stay at the main place I win

  7. I tell you the skatepark password it is TEA KETTLE

  8. Fastest I’ve speedran this game was in library at a time of 15 mins, but took me an hour to get all the secret levels

  9. It isn't any% if you didn't unlock or play any secret level or task!

  10. no offense but im gonna try to beat your record and go under for 5-4 mins at best.

  11. I had fastest speed run this game in 6 minute 52 sec

  12. well i beat the game in 9 minutes but without using the teleport?

  13. When I speedrunned this my record was 8:17 and I hate myself for not recording it

  14. My recorded time is 9:30.040 I feel like I can’t get any faster, how are you so good at marathon

  15. Did you know that you can get a ridiculous score in skateboard if you just do a jump press space 3 times, land, then repeat. It's a little broken bc it allows you to get 400000+ points from the literal simplest trick in the book!!

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