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Champion Island ALL Endings

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  1. i love how it ended with an freaking anime transformation

  2. Beat the archery rematch ending: 😭 😭

  3. Scary ending: inari had a brother name Jack but in the news GOT A PROBLEM INARI'S BROTHER TURN INTO A. MONSTER AND THE MOSTER IS HUGE LUCKY AND MOMO SAID it's too late for the monster

  4. Betrayal ending:ends up the two instructors were trying to lead you to get all the scrolls and they steal it from you and trys to defeat you with it turning into a boss fight they took all your scrolls to take control of the whole island,Bad ending:they defeat you and takes control of the island,Good ending:you defeat them and they leave the island forever

  5. Quit ending:Lucky quits when she lost at table tennis between the stone lionsBtw late

  6. Eruption ending:the lava from the volcano shaped oni from oni island starts to overflow and starts destroying the entire island and lucky is the only one who survived

  7. Where is Momo ending:

    Lucky is trapped in Momos magic portal.Momo is missing and only a computer is in the room the room is dark.

    Lucky opens the computer she orders food and furniture and makes the portal her home.

    ⛅️ one sunny morning ☀️

    Lucky woke up but on the island not usual she looked around she is in a bed.A nurse told her that Momo is in a coma.

    After getting all the trophies and winning all of the 7 games Lucky became evil.She took over the island because she is in the strongest team she changed the island and renamed the island to “ VILE ISLAND “ she opened a school for kids,teens and adults to learn how to steal.

  9. 1:16 i once got all the Thropy, even the one at the Bottom left and right (which for some reason doesnt show up, i swear its there after i Got all the thropy before the bottom one shows up) haha

  10. I Got Freaking And Forbidden 9th Scroll

  11. Very bad ending: Lucky is actually in a coma and when she leave the island, she's dead.

  12. This creeps me out….looks like a creepypasta

  13. Now it becomes a bad ending so it will change good ending and bad ending

  14. Bad news I did the lock thing and I can’t believe I murdered her R.I.P porkipine


  16. hi picasyo im a big fan. since ur such an expert of champion islands i decided to comment on a random video to ask you this what do they mean by “ restore balance to the island”

  17. Boss ending: Lucky restores the balance of the island and became leader of champion island. Lucky broke the memory loss curse and visits every year in case of apocalypse.

  18. are these actually endings in the game?

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