Cat Nap Enabler Mystery Letters Revealed | Doodle Champion Island -

Cat Nap Enabler Mystery Letters Revealed | Doodle Champion Island

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copy paste this in google translate it.
Try it yourself, there might be different translations.

One literal meaning is that “don’t bother” but in Burmese.
So literally just ” ZZZ … don’t bother ”
But you can always make things interesting.

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  1. The cat nap Enabler it seems To be a Burmese People

  2. The fact that I’m from Myanmar and I speak burmese, I don’t even know to read

  3. i tried to translate it. but it says i dont care

  4. He said sorry because he was sleeping and ignoring Lucky. That's my opinion.

  5. but i'm sorry in burmense is တောင်းပန်ပါတယ်

  6. I was trying to find out if it was real or not but it was maybe removed💀


  8. စိတ်မရှိပါနုင့် is don't mind me

  9. Or he was apologizing for bad acting

  10. Hello! I'm from Burma. I know what, "zzz… စိတ်မရှိပါနှင့် ,"means. It means, "zzz… don't mind me".

  11. it says don"t be upset i searched it on google


  13. oo can you make video like you can find glicth about making a new task in google doodle champion island game that never been inventet the programer make that game

  14. Is it like the last place of each "champion" at everything? I still can't make sense of it that.

  15. I think I know why the Oni island in the map looks like a cat. It was never a volcano. the smile and the eyes are just pools of lava and one oni was looking at the whole island right? the rock it was standing on was a cat ear. I found the other cat ear. just near by the other rock.

  16. so I do not really think it is a mystery. well I am just saying lol. we never know. but yeah you are right about the language that bird spoke. I wonder why it was written in that language in the first place..

  17. I also wonder what is lucky's gender since calico cats are usually female but the clothing that lucky wears is a bit masculine. unless that is the look lucky wants to wear hahaha. but most likely I think lucky is a girl since calicos are commonly female and durin the synchronized swimming game, lucky wears a two pieced bathing suit with glitters… another reason lucky would be a girl is because in the sports world, synchronized swimming is only playable for girls.

  18. Well does anyone remember, that when we went to the shop for that super bomb or something the shop owner said that he will need lava from the Oni Island. It also said that 'They say that it is between two eyes, even I dont know what it could mean'. Then when you said that the oni island looks like the face of a cat, I went to check the smile is the lava infront of the dojo and just behind the dojo there are two pools of lava which are the eyes. AND WE FOUND THE BOTTLE IN BETWEEN THOSE TWO EYES. LIKE IT REALLY HAS SOME MEANNG.

  19. it's saying I'm sorry because he's not the real trophy master, then read the empty trophy stand and go outside then go to oni island and speak to the lazy cat then go to the docks where you do archery and go into the house with the blue mat. go in the whirlpool that appears in the mat and you find the real trophy master there. after that go to the trophy house on climbing mountain to see that you collected the final trophy.

  20. I triggered that event because now I'm playing the Google doodle games

  21. lol I am from Burma and I know that language and it is called don't be angry

  22. Umm I am a Burmese and that word don’t make sense is supposed to be Don’t be confidence😂😂😂

  23. by the way, that language is actually my country's language XD

  24. But why Burmese? Maybe perhaps it has something to do with one of the champions not participating in the Olympics in protest of the military coup in Myanmar?

  25. စိတ်မရှိပါနှင့်hahahaha🤣🤣🤣 you guys don't untested the is Myanmar guys🤣🤣🤣🇲🇲

  26. กนกพล อินทะนัน says:

    စိတ်မဆိုးပါနှင့်=Do not be upset

  27. Yeah and i remember one if the kitsunes infront of the yellow teams base saying kete 6ep!

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