Brand New Google Easter Egg (SECRET) | "Doodle Champion Island Games" -

Brand New Google Easter Egg (SECRET) | “Doodle Champion Island Games”

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Link to game:
Note: You can also play this game on mobile devices (phone/mobile/iPad/tablet)

How the game was made and more about it:

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Why Can’t I Find the Easter Egg?
0:25 – How to Start Game/Easter Egg
0:34 – Controls
0:49 – Table Tennis Match
1:06 – How to Get Started
1:27 – Map, Settings, Leadboard
1:43 – How to Play
2:17 – Gameplay
2:57 – How to Restart Game/New Game
3:05 – Important Note/Tip
3:10 – Conclusion
3:29 – Outro

Once again, Google has made a brand new easter egg (a.k.a. a secret)/a game to play, but this time, it is a well planned out huge game that would take a while to complete but has an ending you can easily reach unlike the dinosaur game.

In this video I walkthrough and review the easter egg with a bit of gameplay.

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  1. If you want to beat the rugby game, just run forward and don't pass unless the monsters ("Oris) go near you. Also, cover behind the rocks because they can't get you there. All the google easter eggs, (this one being called a google doodle) can be found on the google doodle archive.

  2. I played it but still didn't reached the end.😏

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