beating google's doodle champion island game in 10 mins part 1 -

beating google’s doodle champion island game in 10 mins part 1

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this is a new game which google had launched this a very interesting game to play when you are free doodle champion island game games begins today {23/07/2021}{IST} this game takes around 30mins to finish it {complete it}
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  1. I finished!🤩😊all the side quests and got all the scrolls and trophies 😐what do I do now?(its raining pink flowers🌈☔💝U_U

  2. I think I've done all side quests and the hard versions of the minigame. Is there any end scene or something? Because when I return to the boat it still says that I can't leave the island because I need to finish all the minigames

  3. Took me about 2h30 to complete avery game and hard mode game plus all the side quest, it's a nice doodle

  4. Bro theres some secret levels of the sports. u not yet beat it

  5. in marathon ,rugby ,climbing,skateboarding,swimming,archery and tennis i won

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