ARRIVING ON CHAMPION ISLAND! - PART 1 | Doodle Champion Island 2021 -

ARRIVING ON CHAMPION ISLAND! – PART 1 | Doodle Champion Island 2021

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Welcome to Episode 1 of my Google Doodle Champion Island Games 2021!
We play as Lucky on Champion Island where we play a variety of mini-games, try to defeat all 7 Sports Champions & collect all Sacred Scrolls! 🐱

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  1. Now where's table tennis go it's lost

  2. how do you go i did all the sports but i can't go can you tell me why why is this going on

  3. i finished all the games. I'm the champion of all the sports

  4. Hi Tiger! I really enjoy your content. Stay safe!! 🙂

  5. I just finished the game, and no not getting all sports, i mean getting all trophies by helping citizens. The ending will have a big throwback i cant say more 😉👀

  6. A multi-part series, Tiger?
    I'm actually stoked for this.

  7. I finished the game to I got the trophies and I got to say 4 wall break. There’s a leaderboard I wonder what if the team gets the most pints and becomes 1st please would so something happen to that team on a certain date who knows

  8. omg love that you're playing this!! I stumbled upon it last night and absolutely LOVED it

  9. i almost rage quit the last level (the race) lmao

  10. l can't finish Artistic Swimming and Archery

  11. Honestly if Google made an extended version with more content I’d buy it. This game was just so much fun and I had a great time playing it

  12. I like this gam! This might possibly be the longest Google Doodle game.

  13. Can someboby tell why this game is too slow for me

  14. theres a secret swimming sport song on Champion island u should try!

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