ANIMALYMPICS 2021 - Doodle Champion Island Games (Google): Part 1 -

ANIMALYMPICS 2021 – Doodle Champion Island Games (Google): Part 1

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I’m not sure what I expected out of this Tokyo Olympics Google Doodle tie-in, but it definitely wasn’t this.


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Doodle Champion Island Games is an interactive Google Doodle launched in 2021. It is a Japanese-style role-playing video game designed to celebrate the 2020 Summer Olympics, 16-bit video gaming, Japanese folklore, and Japanese culture.

The Doodle involves seven mini-games, based on the sports played on the Olympics, including table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, artistic swimming, rock climbing, and marathon.

Google designed the game in collaboration with Studio 4°C, a Japanese animation studio.

The game is in a retro 16-bit style and the cutscenes are in anime style.

The player controls a Calico cat named Lucky, who is trying to beat each of the seven events available, each with a legendary champion. The seven events are:

Marathon (running along a beach): The Kijimuna.
Table Tennis (in a rainy bamboo forest): Tengu.
Artistic swimming (underwater): Princess Otohime.
Archery (in a lotus pond): Yoichi.
Rugby (near a volcano): The Oni along with Lucky’s lineup lead by Momotaro.
Climbing (up a snowy mountain): Fukuro.
Skateboarding (set in Tanooki City): Tanuki.

Upon completing all of the events, a cherry tree bursts into bloom in the center of the island, and harder versions of each event are made available (after completing certain side quests), such as a special skateboarding arena, swimming in the water temple, or playing table tennis against a spirit.

There are also many small side quests to complete, such as fetching wood for a driftwood sculpture artist, or finding a missing climber for a child’s birthday. After each quest is completed, Lucky is rewarded with a trophy, which can be found in the Trophy Room in the centre of the island.

There are four teams, Red (Karasu), Blue (Ushi), Green (Kappa), and Yellow (Inari).

The player can join any team by interacting with the corresponding mascot in the center of the island. In each region of the map, there is a global leaderboard displaying the points accumulated by each of the four teams.

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  1. I'm surprised this isn't an official game, i also couldn't choose a team so I'm going solo

  2. I'm so in awe of how ridiculous this Google game is.

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