ALL TROPHIES UNLOCKED!!! | Google Doodle Champion Island Games Begin! -

ALL TROPHIES UNLOCKED!!! | Google Doodle Champion Island Games Begin!

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Hello Everyone! In this video, we will be unlocking all the trophies. I hope this video can help you unlock all of the trophies. In my opinion, unlocking all the trophies are more fun than playing the games. Getting to know the NPCs and their characteristics is fun and enjoyable. Enjoy! ~(˘▾˘~)

0:30 – Stealing the Fan
4:00 – Hot spring
6:14 – Two Friends and Construction
10:25 – Arrow Collector
11:45 – Ghost delivery
14:15 – Birthday Party
15:50 – Olive the Otter’s book
17:10 – Rain Stopper
20:27 – Missing Trainee
24:45 – Marathon babysitter
27:27 – Sunken Red Gate
31:50 – Driftwood
33:50 – Lonely Porcupine
36:25 – Oni career change
39:25 – Bamboo Forest Guardian
40:50 – Lost table tennis bat
41:55 – Lost lucky arrow
43:55 – Momotaro, Captain of the rugby
45:20 – Broken rails
47:20 – Former Champion
48:27 – Former Trophy Master

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  1. How!? I Cant Do It Please Help(1st Trophy)

  2. r a i n f a l l (read 'About' for info) says:

    Lol I was so blind I never noticed the sparkles there-

  3. Soy hispanohablante y me he dado cuenta que la versión inglesa tiene 2 trofeos menos, es decir el la versión inglesa es mas fácil que la versión hispana

  4. Why do I have 24 quests ? I can't complete the 23rd for some reasons it's the book that I have to take back to the rugbyman. How do you do it ? please the game is getting on my nerves

  5. How did you unlocked the all trophies

  6. ( the first task) when also I go near the fan, the sign don't shows up :(((

  7. is it everyone or just me? cuz I have 24 trophy slots not 22

  8. Bro i have a question I can't speak with rain boy how can speak him

  9. Your the best I wish I would subscribe u 1000000000 times


  11. there's a new version that have 2 new trophies, would you help me?

  12. i completed all now i think i have to check that magic cat academy i havent played it before anyways thx for the vid for da guide <3

  13. can u tell us 1 way we cant do the 4 things its the first;4;6;14 all of the 4 things we cant do it and its really helpful and if we got all the trophies can we go to the boat

  14. Bro in the 9 th trophy the rain watcher didn't say it's dialougr I don't know why it is happening and in the trophy area it is saying the bridge is covered pls make tutorial of what are needed to do after complete all scroll and before collecting all trophies pls reply

  15. I had all the trophies unlocked…I think everyone has too!

  16. i have 3 more trophies left and this helped me alot

  17. Hey, I think I need help since I can't leave with the boat. I completed every minigame, got all the trophies and completed again every minigame in the island. Why can't I still leave?

  18. The only reason i played this game was because I lied to a friend and told them I completed all of these

  19. What do you do with the two otter things with the secrete beach and what do people mean when u say win all the sport to go back to the boat?

  20. When I tried to stop the rain in Tanooki city, i could not! It would ALWAYS say: "Rain. . .yes. . . .beautiful rain. . . .forever. . ." which would result in no response.
    Can you please tell where I got wrong, if I did?

  21. My favriote Google Doodles are Champion Island games, Halloween magic cat academy, and that 2017 valentines day one
    And they are all in this game!

  22. the game wont let me steal the Tengu fan for some reason, there is no dialogue option for it

  23. i finsh it all without a vid exept the last one but when i saw u talking to the 2 tauros i finish it alone

  24. What colour team are you on may i ask? As i have a hunch the game is a bit different depending what team you choose. For example im blue and i don't go into the red team research house. Its locked. You saying you been in there when you aren't red team?? Id like to see you change team colour are do the game 4 times over

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