All Challenges on Champion Island Walkthrough - Google Doodle Champion Island #10 (EXTRA) -

All Challenges on Champion Island Walkthrough – Google Doodle Champion Island #10 (EXTRA)

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0:00 Intro
0:21 How to Beat Kijimuna Beach /Marathon
1:58 How to Beat Oni Island /Rugby
3:47 How to Beat Tengu /Table Tennis
4:51 How to Beat Fukuro /Climbing
6:36 How to Beat Yoichi /Archery
8:47 How to Beat Princess Otohime /Artistic Swimming
10:32 How to Beat Tanooki City /Skateboarding
11:38 How to Beat All Challenges Recap
12:10 2nd Game Ending
13:38 Outro


Extra Stuff 🐈
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  1. i reset thinking everything would stay the same but it all restarted😭

  2. how did you do that it took me at least 9 tries to win ohtohime but do you have memeory AND ITS IMPOSSIBLE

  3. the climbing lvl 2 is hard for me bc my god when im close a blouder just falls and hits me

  4. Mobile climbing tip: if its hard to get on something, hold the action buttonEdit: Climbing tip: if you're a cuphead pro, and a snowball is about to fall on the peg you're standing on, just get away from the peg the right time, then come back to the peg you jumped off fast, its like a dodge in the cuphead devil boss battle


  6. can u do a video to find the 2 part in every sport?

  7. Thanks! Helped me win the game! the addition of your own cats was a nice touch!

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