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30 Minutes of Google Doodle Champion Island Games Gameplay!

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Hi, My name is Eagle Shadow. Welcome to the Eagle Shadow Gaming channel on YouTube. This video features 30 minutes of gameplay from the new Google Doodle free-to-play JRPG named Doodle Champion Island Games!

The game, which was made in partnership with Tokyo-based animation studio, STUDIO 4°C, was released a few days ago to celebrate the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

If you are interested in playing Doodle Champion Island Games, you can go to:

It is absolutely free to play and features some really cool mini-games and fully-fledged RPG elements.

Here are some chapters to help you navigate the gameplay video:

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – First Table Tennis Match
2:33 – Arriving in Tanooki City
3:31 – Skateboarding Mini-Game
5:31 – Exploring Tanooki City
12:12 – More Skateboarding!
18:16 – Even More Skateboarding!
20:55 – Marathon Mini-Game at the Beach
23:27 – Exploring the Beach
28:25 – Visiting the Trophy Room
29:54 – Dancing Mini-Game


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