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13 Minutes of Google’s Champion Island Gameplay (All 7 Sports)

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Check out the latest Google Doodle’s game that celebrates the start of the Tokyo Olympics. You’ll play through Champions Island where you can participate in 7 different sporting events. The 7 include Rugby, Ping Pong, Archery, Skateboarding, A Marathon, Rock Climbing, and Artistic Swimming. Check out all 7 mini games in this gameplay clip.

00:00 Intro
02:08 Marathon
03:35 Skateboarding
05:47 Rugby
07:05 Artistic Swimming
08:27 Archery
09:56 Ping Pong
11:22 Rock Climbing
12:22 Ending Cinematic

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  1. Just finished it as first thing in the morning. Totally enjoyed it.

  2. Best work distractions that also makes it look like I'm busy

  3. Just got all the scrolls I was up all morning playing it. I would play a sequel or a longer game so please give us one Google Doodle!

  4. Doesn't work on my pc for some reason, it is just eternaly loading

  5. How do you finish the rock climbing? I cant reach the last platform..

  6. Man, the secret rock climbing game its mess up. The snow balls shouldnt hit you when you are on the color rocks.

  7. The second red door of climbing sport is too hard. I can not touch the rock because the gap between the rock is too far.

  8. bro how do i set the fire on in the ping pong game

  9. Google doodle's should make more games like this. soo fun 😀

  10. Does anyone finish the advanced rock climbing on the hot spring?

  11. the first google doodle i've played till the end

  12. Archery is impossible. On your screen it seems fine, but every time i've tried it I start on top, then in the last 20s the "boss" start shooting full auto, makes up the 1000pts I had on him and 1000 more… so annoying

  13. I can't get pass the second marathon and second synchronized swimming. TOO DIFFICULT
    But the music is what makes them awesome.

  14. Is there some other game that I have missed? I have done 2 marathons, 1 rugby, 3 pingis, 2 climbing. 1 archery, 3 dance and 2 skateboarding missions but still when I try to leave the island with boat, it say I haven't won all the competitions. I have all the trophies and scrolls. What else I have to do, what have I missed?

  15. Anyone have tips on beating the race on phone & continously running? I'm having trouble 😐

  16. לגמרי נהניתי. והופתעתי שהיה גם בעברית, מרשים מאוד

  17. the marathon is the hardest sport


  18. don't forget to get the 22 trophies and black cat

  19. Me: misses 2/3 balls on table tennis
    "you're stronger than you look." "could he be the chosen one?"

  20. i really liked the artistic swimming
    i got my record with 0 mistakes

  21. What about the trophies?
    I got all of them too!
    1 hour

  22. How the heck do I play this game? Every time I click on it, it's just something I have no idea how to describe spinning the whole time with a black background. They do give me the options for controllers but they are useless.

  23. i was beating the archer by 1000 points then in the last 2 seconds he managed to get twice my score bruh

  24. I swear the intro and the music looks and sounds like something I used to watch in the 90s as a kid.

  25. I think you're totally wrong. The Ping Pong must be table tennis.

  26. i achieved to get 30 0 on ping pong like some weeks ago

  27. yay i got 100k points in skateboarding by just doing 180s

  28. hey can you help me wheress the spots for the kirishima girls always hiding?

  29. Rock climbing is hard for me I even use my tablet

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