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【Google Doodle Champion Island】Rugby 3070 (11 Kills) – In-Court High Score

Ryan Lei
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Rugby 3070 points by making 11 kills (3 + 2 + 6) and the 108m touchdown cheat. I know there’s a glitch to make infinite points by going outside the court, so my score only counts for the “in-court” record.

General Ideas:

[1] (2-3 kills) 0:07 Be chased closely by the Red Oni. Then be chased by the bottom blue Oni while catching the invisible shield. Going up for the 1st fire. 0:20 If all the angles are right, you can kill 2 Blue Onis as soon as getting the fire, if not immediately. Then go back to kill the Red Oni. If LUCKY enough, he will be stuck by the rocks. Pass the ball if the Red Oni is closer to a teammate.

[2] (1-2 kills) 0:30 Move along the top side of the lower 4 rocks. As soon as seeing the Blue Oni, move up and go inside the rectangle. In my experience, there is a good chance that the Blue Oni will come in while another Red Oni shows up close to the upper teammate. If that’s the case, catch the 2nd fire and immediately kill the Blue Oni, and pass the ball up to kill the Red Oni.

[3] (3-6 kills) 0:37 Because we will eventually pass the ball to the very bottom, be sure to let the top-most teammate hold the ball. 0:42 Get the invisible shield inside the rectangle. Move quickly to the 3rd fire at the top right of the map. If you’re brave enough, you can delay a bit to wait for the Giant Red Oni while avoid being hit by the 3 Blue Onis. 0:50 Get the 3rd fire can kill ~3 nearby Onis without chasing too far. Then, quickly pass the ball down to the very bottom WITHOUT getting the speedup in the middle. If acting fast enough, the bottom 3 Blue Onis can be killed easily.

[4] (108m touchdown) 0:54 Move along the bottom border toward the end. To my knowledge, this is the only place where you can go deeper for the 108m touchdown. You get +140 points by going 8 meters deeper.

I personally never made 7 kills at [3]. Too hard to time with the top Giant Red Oni. Also, I haven’t had a good plan to lure the bottom Giant Red Oni to make 3 kills at [2]. However, I achieved 7 times of 3070 points with this strategy and a ton of trial and error for timing and angle.

Thanks to @JBTRT for publishing the 108m touchdown:


  1. My high score is 6110,nobody can break my record!!

  2. Nice dude , you look like a genius to me, XD

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