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【Google Doodle Champion Island】New Trophies & Games | Leave Island

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Welcome back to the Doodle Champion Island Games! Rejoin Calico C’athlete Lucky 😺 to complete extra hidden challenges across Champion Island in the purrr-ocess.

Thanks Google Doodle Team for the updates! Now we have additional level for Rugby and Archery, 2 extra side quests, and finally Lucky is able to leave the island in the end!

00:00 Trophy House
00:52 Little Oni Quest
04:00 Rugby Level 2
05:56 Archer Level 2
08:07 Empty House Quest
13:29 Trophy Master Quest
17:13 Leave Island | Ending Credits


  1. how do u get a second person to get fukuro down?

  2. Rugby: 100× more blue guys
    Arch and arrow: Just spam

  3. I don’t know why they deleted the reindeer (which you have to find the open house), the little Oni, and the secret arrow shooting one one you played!

  4. man I've only played one other google game before this and I thought it was alright so when I saw this I didn't think much of it but MAN was I wrong I really REALLY liked this game with its nice animations, storytelling, and all that other stuff and when I saw it had connections to the other google game I was shocked, to say the least, and I'm blown away on how a 16-bit game could look so good and have good gameplay I just love this game and (in my opinion) it's one of the best games I've played in a while so it was a nice, relaxing, refreshing and a very good game in general and I just wanna say thank you to whoever read this far into my comment ik there's a lot but it's because I really liked the game and even if you disagree with me about that it's alright because everyone can have their opinion but to sum it all up this was one of the best games I have played in a long time and I love it with all my heart thank you for reading and have a nice day.

  5. I love this game so I'm so glad it kept updating

  6. the archery 2nd game is not unfair, Yoichi to fast reload, and our arrow can get blocked but I'm always trying to win it

  7. I'm happy this video exists. I completely over looked that crab.

  8. This is one google doodle I'll forever miss and I cant wait to see what Google will come up with for Paris24. This was a lot of fun, so cute

  9. Damn, I have 3 trophies left to get but I didn't play for a week, this is a really awesome video :)👍✨ thanks for showing it with mad respect 👍✨

  10. I got all the trophy but… why cant I leave the island i even have 7 scroll

  11. "This is horrifying"
    You'll get used to it, its like living w/ siblings 😀👍

  12. i loved this game i felt sad about leaving

  13. how did you leave the island i got all the trophys i went to the boat and it wouldn't let me leave

  14. Goddess of Party Rock is in the House Tonight. says:

    As positive as this game might be to motivate people to do sports, I prefer to stay dead on an office chair while filing reports.

  15. I would like to play it but it is no longer in google

  16. Man the ending kinda made me cry

  17. Archery Level 2 is literally impossible. They can reload quickly and always steal your target ,why your rival can shoot the X board while you cant? Thats just unfair

  18. The game restarts after you finished it so imagine this scenario :
    Lucky leaves champion island only to forget about it then end up in an identical island as champion island

  19. POV Lucky went to NGL and became Neferpitou jkjk

  20. sorry ….it didnt help very much and there was no "little ony quest within the trophy masters house" so i was not able to do i

  21. please help me for gods sake I cant leave the island even though all trophies are complete

  22. I cant see the updated version…..I tried reloading the page, closing the browser and opening again and even logging out and logging in twice… I still can't see the updated version…. can someone help and tell me what to do to get the updated version?

  23. how do you get the archer level 2???

  24. In mine, i don't see that upgrade. How you can get it?

  25. ok, but How I can Unlock two other Trophies that i can see in both Low Corners in the screen?

  26. The game is amazing. Except yoichi's archery where i thought there is some fowl play. Yoichi's arrow is going like machine gun and lucky can shoot only 1 arrow at a time.

  27. If I may ask how do you get second rugby I could not find that red oni

  28. This game is brilliant lucky the cat is the champion I think all thanks to champion island

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