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【Google Doodle Champion Island】Full Gameplay | Quest Complete & Ending

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Join Calico C’athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island: A world filled with seven sport mini-games, legendary opponents, and dozens of daring side quests.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:03 Rugby | The Oni
0:06:56 Marathon | The Kijimuna
0:12:22 Skateboarding | Tanuki
0:21:02 Artistic Swimming | Princess Otohime
0:24:12 Letter Between Two Stone Lanterns
0:29:12 Archery | Yoichi
0:36:45 Climbing | Fukuro
0:39:08 Super Mountain Girl
0:41:11 Table Tennis | Tengu
0:42:34 Seven Sacred Scrolls Ending
0:43:24 Side Quest & Alternate Difficulties
1:17:05 Sleeping Former Champion
1:18:56 Trophy Master & Ending

Headquarter Location
Red- Oni Island
Blue- Tanooki Island
Green- Otohime Island
Yellow- Bamboo Town


  1. I literally spent the whole day to complete this game and I don't regret it at all, though I really wish this game had a real ending. They should really make more games like these cuz we're all here for it right?🖐😀

  2. The secret marathon game is like threading the needle to the EXTREME, thank goodness I've beaten it.

  3. Is anyone choose a team other than red ?

  4. This was precious. I got it to play on the television with the PS4 and my little siblings loved it.

  5. There is a dancing and skating comperiron how many points is needed to win both competitions. Please someone reply

  6. yay just finished this game in one day, so fun and entertaining!

  7. It was really fun but it takes like an hour to get all 22 trophies

  8. gotamned millennials and your chinese comic books! you should be watching nascar like someone who isn't a home of sexuals!

  9. Fr, I could pay to play a bigger version of this game, gave me old pokemon platinum and Zelda twilight princess vibes, gotta explore everything, even new, hidden paths etc. My favorite game was the arrow game, found it really addictive to do get the highest score x)

  10. the arrow key dance and the table tennis game were the best and fun

  11. I think I did a speedrun I did 53 mins completing all the achievements and extra sports in the game

  12. The best part of this game is the ost, spritework and cutscenes

  13. the game hasnt finished yet,you still have 1 more quest,you'll need to go to the black cat when its outside and talk to him ,he says that u need to go to climbing dojo to meet the owl on top named furuko,onvce you have completed the quest then u finished the game.

  14. This game is legit manga seed. It could've been serialized into three volume or such, telling Lucky's journey across the map and how Lucky's journey to the island.
    The genre could be sport, action, drama, and also slice of life

  15. Can't beat that last damn hard difficulty race, i keep finishing 2nd or 3rd and i have all the trophies

  16. I just had reached the trophy room when there was needed to play the second run in skate. The story of the bird was so funny. Greatest game i've played this week.

  17. ngl this is the only game in PC that i played and completed and enjoyed it
    fr thats something no roblox or mobile or console game made me have holy sheesh.

  18. Omg I finished the game when I was watching this thanks for your help 😁

  19. i finished the game twice in one day. it was super fun!

    I finished the game but I didn't won the secondary games from each island (I can't win 2nd Marathon and 2nd. Climbing).
    I've been seeing gameplays like this one, and we all see is that there is no Ending Anime video or whatever.
    So I went to Start of the game, to the boat, and it says, "you still have to win other sports".

    1) Does it mean that I have to win the 7 sports and their secondary game too?
    2) Orrrr Could be a Part II of the game, when the Paralympics Games beggin?

  21. I'm not sure that's the end of the game. I suppose the end of the game is when you can leave in the same boat you came at the beginning (I won every trophy but still can't leave so… T_T )

  22. thanks you very much i finished the game i just needed the last trophy the other trophys i did it myself

  23. Hey i found something in the respawn. the boat

  24. how did you finish the dancing one i have won all but not dancing??????

  25. I dare anybody to beat my 6000 score in ping pong 🏓

  26. The mountain climbing was the hardest to me when playing this game.

  27. never have i ever played a game capable of obliterating my spacebar, yet only this one has ever did it…

    it still works but almost… the arrow bars too, the ddr one oof!

  28. That's it? That means I have finished the game if I have got all the trophies and done all these challenges?

  29. I seriously thought that something great will happen to the island after I win all the seven scrolls but lol it just rained some cherry blossom leaves but I'm proud too see seven statues of mine lol

  30. I finished this game in 2 days, didn't expect much but was blown away at how big and full of content this game is for a browser game. I am still kinda bummed out that even after finally winning the frustratingly anger-inducing second climbing and second marathon stage, I find out that there's no actual ending. Still I had a great time.

  31. How to change language in this game? I stuck in Spanish
    (Sr bad English)

  32. WHERE THE F IS FUKURO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:O

  33. i win hardest climbing but i cant find fukuro can you help me????

  34. Wait the cat is a female


  35. how do i save the game data, is it possible?

  36. does anyone kno what the owl champion Fukuro is based on? i kno fukuro is owl in Japanese but idk where the ladles come from.

  37. Table Tennis: I have total FOUR games in the entire island
    Swimming: Four? I only have THREE
    Climbing, Marathon, Skateboard: Three? We only have TWO
    Archery & Rugby: You guys have extra games?

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