【Full Tutorial for All Quests】Included New Quests! Google Doodle Champion Island - doodlechampion.com

【Full Tutorial for All Quests】Included New Quests! Google Doodle Champion Island

Taiga World
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In my previous guide (), there were only 22 trophies as Google has just recently added 2 new trophies. This is a full tutorial and walkthrough to get all the trophies, included the latest updates – Vacant house for sale & motivate little oni! ✨

Timestamp – feel free to skip to your desired quests:
00:00 Intro
00:15 Lighter of Lanterns | Bamboo Forest, Inari
01:35 Wind Stopper | Tengu, switching fan
05:00 Royal Arrow Collector | Collect 5 blue arrows
07:02 Lucky Arrow Retriever | Green arrow, Yoshi’s castle
09:02 Ghostly Delivery | Urashima Taro, ghostly figure
10:58 Hot Spring Saviour | Super fire arrow, Wooly
13:50 Super Mountain Rescue | Birthday party, super mountain girl
15:28 Book Enthusiast | Olive the Otter, Tanooki’s bookstore
16:56 Secret Skatepark Membership | Password, tea kettle
18:35 Table Tennis Bat Fetcher | Table tennis bat at Marathon Beach
19:45 Marathon Babysitter | Kijimuna’s daughter
21:35 Cat Nap Enabler | Cat sleeping on lava, another Chosen One
22:38 Peach Hunter | Momotaro, captain of rugby team
24:43 Hermit Enabler | Petunia the porcupine, Hiro the locksmith
27:13 Sister Reunion Organiser | Find the 3 sisters, sunken red gate
31:33 Rain Stopper | Find the strange boy, Amefuri Kozo, train ticket
34:53 Construction Employee of the Year | Construction site, fresh water
36:44 Gym Motivator | Daichi, Tanooki gym
40:59 Race Tie Breaker | Quarrel best friends, secret beach
43:41 Artist’s Apprentice | 3 pieces of driftwood
43:19 Bakery Estate Agent | Oni’s baker dream, retired baker
48:05 Crabby Realtor (NEW) | House for sale, haunted house
50:31 Little Motivator (NEW) | Little oni, motivational book
52:50 Trophy Master Locator | Momo

🎬 Ending Scene (Cat Leave Island on Boat):

🎮 Play Here:

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  1. The haunted house one doesn't work for me, the reindeer isn't in that house

  2. Thanks now I can show off to my friends Edit what I don’t have friends

  3. bruh i dont know why but the new quests dont appear for me

  4. I have finished all of the main quest. But not all of the side quest yet. Well the hardest quest for me is when im fighting the bow guy. He was soo hard to defeat bruh

  5. Thank You I Have Finished The Game Without Joining A Team

  6. bro i remember that helping a deer to sell a house but it is now removed from the game

  7. I am a hard-core completionist, and 100% finishing the whole game at 11:30 PM was very satisfying

  8. I need help from the wins of the new games

  9. give this man a drink i started from 8 am all the way from 2:00 p bruhhh

  10. Do you guys know how to get the lil oni and the crabby realtor quest? For me it doesnt show the trophy platforms on the bottom left and bottom right. And if i were to show up to the locations of the quest, nobodys there.

  11. idk why but I can't quit the island! my version was I think July 30th

  12. I dont have the bottom left and right quests ;-;

  13. I dont have the 2 new ones, am i missing something?

  14. Why am I not getting the side trophies? down there?

  15. for some reason I only have 22 trophies on my chrome book

  16. Thanks that child on marathon beach and the driftwood was annoying

  17. ohhhhh thxs for this now i will get my trophy thxs for this tutorial 😀👍

  18. must have taken a lot of effort to make this, good job!!

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