【Complete Quest Guide In Description】Google Doodle Champion Island - Gameplay & Walkthrough 100% - doodlechampion.com

【Complete Quest Guide In Description】Google Doodle Champion Island – Gameplay & Walkthrough 100%

Taiga World
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Welcome to the Doodle Champion Island Games! Over the coming weeks, join calico (c)athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island: a world filled with seven sport mini-games, legendary opponents, dozens of daring side quests, and a few new (and old ;)) friends. Her ultimate goal? Defeat each sport Champion to collect all seven sacred scrolls—and complete extra hidden challenges across Champion Island in the purrr-ocess

**Please do not play using incognito mode or your game progress will gone after you close it**
**Clearing cache will gone as well**

🛹 Fresh Water Quest:
1) Start at Skateboard Map (Tanooki City) 5:11
2) Go North to mountain hot spring 1:26:58
3) Obtain super fire arrow at Archery map, North-west 1:36:00
4) Get lava from Oni Island at East side 1:42:20
5) Back to Archery map 1:43:00
6) Back to mountain hot spring 1:43:53
[Reward: Unlock Mountain Climbing 2nd Challenge]
7) Obtain fresh water 1:44:20
8) Unlock blockage by giving the fresh water to the construction worker bull NPC at Tanooki City 1:47:41

🛹 Olive The Otter:
1) Talk to NPC 10:11
2) Get the book at bookstore 10:39
3) Return to owner 11:06

🛹 Unlock 2nd Skatepark:
1) Talk to NPC 13:07
2) Get password from dojo 14:02
3) Go back to the same NPC 14:25

🛹 Find Daichi
1) Talk to gym coach 1:49:43
2) Find Daichi at noodle shop 1:50:21
3) Get running shoe at Marathon Beach 1:52:41
4) Give to Daichi and find water bottle 1:53:37
5) Go to local store to get bottle 1:54:16
6) Give to Daichi 1:54:41
7) Talk to Daichi at gym 1:55:37

🐸 Urashima Taro Quest:
1) Talk to the ghost 22:35
2) Find letter between 2 stone lanterns 23:31
3) Talk to Taro 24:08
4) Go back to the ghost 26:15

🐸 Artistic Swimming 2nd Challenge:
1) Go into the left door inside the castle 24:37

🐸 3 Sisters Quest:
[Reward: Unlock Artistic Swimming 3rd Challenge]
1) Start quest 27:30
2) 1/3 sister (Marathon Beach) 35:03
3) 2/3 sister (Climbing Mountain) 1:24:04
4) 3/3 sister (Tanooki City) 1:28:18
5) Torri gate restored 1:30:48

🏝 2 Bickering Racer:
[Reward: Unlock Marathon Race 2nd Challenge]
1) Start 38:10
2) Talk to crab 38:37
3) Obtain melon bread at bakery 1:50:57
(Require to finish fresh water quest to remove the blockage)
4) Give to the racers 1:51:50

🏝 3 Drift Woods Quest:
1) Marathon Beach house 34:18
2) 1/3 wood 34:56
3) 2/3 wood 36:33
4) 3/3 wood (Require to finish “2 Bickering Racer”) 1:52:04
5) Deliver all the woods 1:52:57

🏝 Inari Lost It’s Table Tennis Bat:
1) Start 36:36
2) Item 36:55

🏝 Find Kijimuna Girl:
1) Start 36:04
2) 1st area 37:00
3) 2nd area 37:30
4) 3rd area 39:24

🌋 Oni The Baker:
1) Start quest 50:10
2) Go to bakery shop and talk to owner 1:49:01
(Require to finish fresh water quest to remove the blockage)
3) Talk to Oni 1:56:44
4) Talk to Oni at Tanooki City bakery 1:58:22

🌋Find Momotaro:
1) Start 51:25
2) Find trailing peaches 1:18:30
3) Talk to Momotaro 1:18:56
4) Talk to Momotaro at Oni Island 1:27:27

👺 Light Up 4 Stone Lantern:
[Reward: Unlock Table Tennis 2nd Challenge]
1) Talk to Inari 58:25
2) Light up lanterns 59:46
3) Unlocked the 2nd challenge

👺 Swap Tengu’s Fan:
1) Talk to Inari 58:39
2) Interact with the fan in the castle 1:02:37
3) Find octopus with invisible cloak 1:06:01
4) Talk to Tengu 1:06:45

👺 Find Strange Boy (Amefuri kozō) To Cross Bridge:
[Reward: Unlock Table Tennis 3rd Challenge]
1) Talk to the frog 59:13
2) Find strange boy 1:08:38
3) Visit train station at 1:10:45
4) Talk to octopus at noodle shop 1:11:12
5) Give the ticket to the strange boy 1:12:58
6) Bridge is unlocked 1:13:19

🧗🏻 Find Super Mountain Girl:
1) Start 1:21:34
2) Find super mountain girl 1:22:22
3) Talk to birthday girl 1:22:49

🎯 Collect 5 blue arrows:
1) Talk to the royal arrow collector 1:33:48
2) 1/5 arrow 1:34:10
3) 2/5 arrow 1:34:13
4) 3/5 arrow 1:35:41
5) 4/5 arrow 1:35:57
6) 5/5 arrow 1:36:28
7) Return the arrow 1:36:40

🎯 Locksmith Quest:
1) Find Petunia the porcupine 1:34:18
2) Find locksmith 1:57:24
3) Deliver package to Petunia 1:57:54
4) Try to enter Petunia house 2:00:09

🎯 Find Lucky Arrow:
1) Talk to the fish archer 1:35:28
2) Collect the arrow at the roof 1:37:13
3) Return to owner 1:37:36

🏆 Find Former Champion (Don’t Trust The Bird Quest):
1) Talk to the empty trophy slot 2:03:21
2) Talk to the sleeping cat at Oni Island 2:03:33
3) Back to trophy room 2:04:21
4) Talk to the NPC outside of trophy room 2:05:27
5) Find the sleeping cat 2:06:22
6) Go inside the whirlpool in a boat house 2:07:03
7) Talk to Momo (Trophy master) 2:07:34
8) Talk to the NPC outside of trophy room 2:09:10
9) Go inside the trophy room talk to Momo 2:09:18

🛳 Nothing Special On Ship
Interaction with ship scene after completed 2:46:58

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  1. Was looking for that strange jerk for such a long time, Thanks for the help 1:08:40

  2. Your gameplay is op 🔥🔥. But how do you left blue team? Even I have completed all islands and trophies, I cannot leave it.

  3. Just one mistake, you joined the red team…
    Good video though.

    Kappa team the best <3

    If you read this join kappa team for the remontada ! We can still win this.

  4. the boy behind the table tennis dojo tells me beautiful rain forever, i dont know how to cross now

  5. Not the Hero we deserved but the Hero we needed, bless you

  6. I´ll admit it. The marathon race on the secret beach was insane. And I thought for sure it would be a trophy, but no, just spilled sweat and tears for nothing.

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  8. u know that u could've just teleported to the climbing thingy and then went down, it would've been way faster to get to the trophy room

  9. Where do I find the missing citizens from the tengu village?

  10. Is anyone able to help me with the climbing race (the hot springs one)? I've tried both the moving and green path, and yet after 2-3 jumps I find I can no longer jump high enough to get to the next one. This really annoys me!

  11. When Momo and Lucky broke each others fourth wall though-

  12. I think things are missing still in the game.

    1) How do I get the 50 bowls of ramen to 50 people?
    2) "A tale of 2 kappas" is there a side story to it that links existential Kappa (just outside Archery) to another Kappa in the game?
    3) How do I get the villagers to return to their home close to the Tengu?

  13. thank you so much i need to know all the quest

  14. I am still stuck on the 139m climbing quest ;(
    just 1 more trophy needed for the trophy collection to be full

  15. how can you find melon bread without getting daichi back to training?

  16. which is the sleeping fromer champion quest

  17. i chose green, bcos they had the lowest. Made the game 100%, and all trophy, all races pink (3 reward). still green team last :P:

  18. is there a way to get someone to play the chess game with me?

  19. You know, for the don't trust the bird quest you can also ask the train station lady before you ask the sleeping cat. She will lead you to the sleeping cat

  20. Please write the time stamp of second trophy….find the sleeping previous champion one…

  21. I don't understand. How were you able to rechoose your team at the end? I tried talking to everyone at the end and going to the start and never saw the turtle come back up.

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  27. fun fact : those who cant win at rugby you can do this glitch first go take the blue power and go to the wall and you will at the lava is a wall glitch

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    Table Tennis

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